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Before it happened to me, I had no idea how stressful a first birthday could be.  You know they won’t remember a bit of it but there is this intense pressure to make it special, nonetheless.  It is their first birthday and they will never have another — well, until next year.

The most important question when beginning to plan a party is theme or no themeTheme has become a bit of a dirty word over the years due to the sheer lack of options.  It used to be if you wanted a theme, you only had a few to choose from and they were only the most popular of licensed characters.  This led to boring, photocopy birthday parties, a real dime a dozen.

Luckily, a mom has real options these days to set her kid’s party apart from the neighbor’s.  Take Birthday Express for example.  When I saw an opportunity to review this online party superstore, I was skeptical.  Then I took a stroll through their themes.  My skepticism quickly faded and I was left wondering which of literally 5 perfect themes to choose.  Impressive!

mustache birthday party

Birthday Express offers themes way beyond the typical, beyond anything you will find in your local party supply stores.  Most importantly, they sell party packs in varying package sizes to give you a strong base for your party plans.  You can also add party supplies a la carte, creating a more custom order to suit your baby’s big day.

When this review opportunity came along, I was at the very end of my pregnancy, expecting my baby boy in a week or so.  I saw this as a great opportunity to find awesome Welcome Home decor, the original birthday.  Not knowing which TV show or even color my little lad would soon fancy the most, I went with the Goodnight Moon 1st Birthday theme.  One cannot go wrong with Goodnight Moon, right?

goodnight moon birthday

After you choose your theme you have to decide on the package: classic or deluxe, for 8 or 16.  I went with the Goodnight Moon Deluxe Party Pack for 8, which included an impressive collection of quality items for 8 guests:

  • invitations, thank you cards, party hats
  • dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, spoons, napkins, tablecover
  • centerpiece, streamers (3 colors), 18 balloons (3 colors), foil balloon, curling ribbon (3 colors)
  • cake candles, #1 candle

This pack was absolutely awesome, and so easy to set up.  I had a rather impressive set up done in an hour using just items from the party pack.  I also had the Good Night Moon Personalized Banner, which added a real nice touch.  It is still proudly displayed in my dining room, partially because I’m too exhausted with a newborn to take it down.  With the basics handled, I had the extra time to put into special decor items, cake and other treats.

If you have a birthday coming up to plan for, head over to Birthday Express.  Make your life a little easier and get the basics for the table and decor handled in one easy purchase.  Then you can focus on those time-consuming Pinterest crafts and treats to really make your party unique.

Product was provided by Birthday Express to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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