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This Pacific Play Tents Painting Teepee review is unsposonsored.  Product was provided.

Last night I stayed up until almost 2 AM.  insomnia? sick kids? no…  If you decide to try out this addictive website, be forewarned, you may not sleep the first couple of nights.  Digging into your family history is so incredibly interesting and you may be surprised what you find, including hand written ledgers, yearbook photographs, painted portraits and more.  So many forgotten memories!  btw, this is not a post sponsored by the website, just a little background on why I didn’t sleep last night. ;)

Thinking about my ancestors really got me wanting to explore our local Native American heritage.  Here in the Coachella Valley, the Cahuilla tribe presence and history is strong.   I homeschool my 8 year old and for the past couple of weeks we have been learning about Ancient Egypt.  It was her idea, as most of our focuses are driven by her interests.  We have been immersed in hieroglyphs, which are both fascinating and fun to recreate.  Researching these pictograms has made both me and my daughter interested in exploring other cultures who also used pictures to communicate, like Native Americans.

pacific play tents teepee

You may have noticed on the blog recently that my daughter received a teepee to review from Pacific Play Tents.  It is her private hideaway and she spends so much time in there drawing, writing, playing games and doing schoolwork.  She absolutely loves it!  What I loved was how easy the teepee comes together.

painting teepee review

The Painting Teepee arrives as four poles, one piece of canvas and a rope to pull it all together.  It couldn’t be easier and quicker to set up.  All materials are incredibly durable – we’re talking high-end teepee here on an heirloom level!

the painting teepee pacific play tents

The teepee arrives as a blank canvas, paint included (though you may want to pick up extra at the craft store).  An incredible project for kids to show off their creativity, I don’t know who was more excited to get to work, me or my daughter.  I seized the opportunity to steer our homeschool lessons towards Native American study, which has turned mostly into a comparison of Ancient Egypt and Native Americans, spurring some really interesting conversation!

Anyway, Savannah and I sat down and researched a variety of symbols and chose our favorites to recreate, some traditional, some not so much, but all in the spirit of our local environment!  So I am not the artistic parent, though I am a creative.  My husband has amazing drawing abilities (he will never admit that).  He taught Savannah to draw from an early age and she has consistently impressed me over the years.  The teepee was no exception!  I love the fun graphics she chose and they really complete the teepee (even though it also looks awesome with no design)!

pacific play tent review painting teepee

The canvas takes the paint very well and is easy to paint on.  You may need to go over your designs to saturate the color, the nature of canvas material, and due to the quality of canvas, your paintings will last many moons.  We found that if you lay the teepee flat, it is easier to paint an outline that way.  Then you can stand it back upright to paint the fill and details! pacific play tent teepee review painting

Painting the teepee is only one aspect of fun that comes from this project.  Once your kids are done with their masterpiece, then it is time for play!  The possibilities are endless inside the teepee and it is big enough (64″ tall) for a couple kids, even an adult!  We plan to paint the inside as well once little artist Savannah chooses her symbols.  She wants to go slow with the teepee progress because “my taste in design changes” so cute and pretty thoughtful to her future self.

pacific play tent review

Savannah drags her little brother inside her tent to play “Indian house” a variation of “apartment house” which is played in Gabriel’s walk in closet.  Yes, they have effectively morphed Gabe’s closet into an “apartment” but that is another post!  We still have another side to decorate once Savannah nails down what she wants.  Follow me on Instagram to see the updates!!

painting teepee review pacific play tents

This is not my first Pacific Play Tent.  In fact, FIVE years ago I reviewed a playhouse from the company and we STILL have it.  I swear.  My daughter was playing in it up until a year or so ago and it is still in excellent condition.  It survived three house moves and lots of kids.  That just goes to show you how incredible the quality is.  Pacific Play Tents has 25 years of making award-winning tunnels, tents and toys under their belt – they know what they are doing!

Purchase The Painting Teepee online at Pacific Play Tents for $170.00 <– worth it.

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