breaking the nightlight mold {Adam Frank}

 breaking the nightlight mold {Adam Frank} nursery mom kids decor art I’m a big sissy when the lights go down. I’d rather lay in bed, parched for hours, instead of getting up and walking to the kitchen for a glass or water in the dark. But now that my son is in his own room there’s no way around getting up and walking across the house in the middle of the night. Yes, I’m fully aware of the light switch. But, like many of you, I tend to avoid bright flashes in the middle of the night, so naturally I’m in need of a night light. Trying my best to avoid anything resembling a glowing shell stuck to the wall, I came across Adam Frank.

Adam Frank is an installation artist who finds his muse in the relationship between shadow and light. Naturally, through his work he evolved the traditional nightlight by transforming it into a piece of art with his Lumen LED creation. The Lumen LED is a stainless steel lamp with an erected pine tree silhouette. Let me put it out there that this thing has weight to it. You’d think, by just looking at it, that you’d have to be extra careful when handling as to not bend or damage the tree. But it’s actually very well made and sturdy, although you do need to be aware when handling because of the sharp edges. Flip it over to find the switch and battery compartment. The best part? It has a timer! Choose the duration (4, 6 or 8 hours), flip the switch and it will automatically come on every day at that time for the set amount of hours. Display the lamp anything sturdy that’s next to the wall. The closer to the wall the smaller your tree, and further away for a larger tree. You know how fireplaces can have that hypnotizing effect? This lamp does the same thing. It has a soft organic flicker against the wall that has an instant calming effect that sends you right into daydream land (or to sleep, which is even better!). I’m a huge fan of the shield that blocks the light on one side, so the brightness of the bulb doesn’t take away from the beauty of the shadow. Similar to the way a candle puts off a glow, but that darn flame just blinds you the second your eyes focus on it so the tab keeps you from seeing spots. For me, it’s the perfect amount of light I need to navigate my way around. For children, I can’t even imagine the countless crazy make-believe stories that this little shadow can conjure up. While the Lumen is beautiful to look at, I’d recommend keeping it out of reach of children. It does have sharp edges and it could do some damage if it was accidentally dropped on a little toe.

 breaking the nightlight mold {Adam Frank} nursery mom kids decor art The Lumen LED is beautiful, modern, sleek, and functional. I have issues with decor items that serve no purpose and always find myself giving things the stink eye because my husband won’t let me take them out. It is definitely not just for children and makes a perfect gift for people of all ages, and a permanent addition to any home. Four AA batteries gives the Lumen LED a life of 800 hours, or 6 months of daily use making it energy efficient. Head over to Adam Frank to get your own, and while you’re there check out his other inventive products and installation projects he has going on!

Product was provided by Adam Frank to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.


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