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an honest natural baby skincare company {Tawna Hill Baby}

With so many happenings out of our control, we should cling to the choices still up to us.  One such choice is what we decide to put in our children and on them as well.  With hypersensitive skin myself, I’ve always been pretty aware of the products my family uses.  My latest addition, 6 month old Gabriel, has sensitive skin and will break out all rashy even with some “organic” products.  Tawna Hill, owner of Tawna Hill Baby, shook up my world a bit with her incredible story, insight into “organic” products and the quality of her amazing line, sent to me for review.

Let’s start with Tawna’s story:

While I was working the unthinkable happened – I found out I had a brain tumor while I was pregnant with my little angel girl Olivia. I went through surgery and treatments while she was growing inside of me… having battled through everything with me and ultimately (I feel) saving my life. I felt I owed it to her to be extremely safe about what I was going to use on her.

My research revealed that so-called organic products were only required to have sixty percent organic ingredients… organic with chemicals, was simply too unreliable for me . That’s when I decided the only way I could make sure I was using Toxin Free, Paraben Free and Carcinogen Free products was to make them myself. Every product is tested and Olivia Approved, I put my name on and personally endorse the products because I know they are safe and encompass all the right things you need to pamper you and your baby… Simple… Safe… Luxury.

I could probably stop here and you would be sold, correct?  It is so hard these days to figure out the truth with products.  The more you learn, the scarier it gets, but truth breeds innovation, hence this wonderful line from Tawna Hill Baby.  I tried out three products: Super Smoothie Cream, Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder and Hydra-Mist Changing Spray.

let’s get started…

 an honest natural baby skincare company {Tawna Hill Baby} skincare natural eco friendly beauty bath baby skincare

Over the past 6 months, I have learned my son is most sensitive to soaps.  Even the most natural and “organic” bath soaps have created red, blotchy skin post-bath.  The only option for him, and a lot of other sensitive babies, is an oatmeal bath.  The Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder soothes and calms while also purifying delicate skin.  We do the oatmeal bath every time but they are especially great for rashes, eczema… any irritations.  I use oatmeal baths myself when my hypersensitive skin goes wacky on me — it not only soothes but takes away itchiness.

 an honest natural baby skincare company {Tawna Hill Baby} skincare natural eco friendly beauty bath baby skincare

After bath comes moisturizing time, the Super Smoothie Cream being an excellent, natural option (and Tawna Hill Baby’s #1 selling product).   My son is in the pre-crawl stage right now where he is always up on his knees.  He drags his body and lunges forward all day on carpet or rugs… anything to move around.  This constant activity has really taken a toll on his knees.  Poor guy.  The Super Smoothie Cream is like a miracle cream for his dry, irritated knees.

 an honest natural baby skincare company {Tawna Hill Baby} skincare natural eco friendly beauty bath baby skincare

The consistency reminds me of high-end facial moisturizers I have… it has substance.  No thin “baby” moisturizer here.  I’ll admit… I use this from time to time on my own elbows and knees! Sorry, Gabe.  Key ingredients here are: calendula, organic hemp and almond oil.  Since this cream has anti-inflammatory properties, it is also great for baby acne, insect bites and rashes.

In my opinion, I have saved the best for last.  I mean this is a game changer. I have a baby boy now and he gets a bit rashy in the diaper area.  I’ve tried an assorted variety of creams, salves and goopy globs — some work, some don’t.  What all the products have in common is they have to be applied manually and leave behind ickiness on the parent’s hand.  Tawna Hill Baby’s Hydra-Mist Changing Spray is so innovative I can’t stand it.  Yes, I said SPRAY!  Each diaper change now, I simply give my baby a spritz, spritz and he’s good to go.  No muss, no fuss.

notice I keep my spray in the diaper caddy with cloth diapers… many of those goopy diaper rash creams are not cloth diaper friendly!

 an honest natural baby skincare company {Tawna Hill Baby} skincare natural eco friendly beauty bath baby skincare

I thought for sure the changing spray wouldn’t be able to handle real diaper rash, but I have been using the changing spray for over a week now and I haven’t seen one bit of diaper rash.  Any red areas are cleared up before they turn full blown rash.  I’m amazed!  Key ingredients here are: lavender, tea tree and rose hydrosols, as well as the amazing witch hazel.  This spray even has antibacterial properties.

So what is in these amazing products? Here is a list of ingredients in all the products with descriptions of why each is used.  A company cannot get more transparent than this.  Tawna Hill Baby is the real deal – an honest company with products that work.  Purchase products online in the $15-$30 range.

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Products were sent to me by Tawna Hill Baby for review purposes; all opinions are 100% my own.


 an honest natural baby skincare company {Tawna Hill Baby} skincare natural eco friendly beauty bath baby skincare

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