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These My Little Pony gift ideas for toddlers is part of a sponsored post on behalf of SocialStars and Playskool. #PlayskoolCrew

It must be fun to be a boy and have an older sister. Not only does Gabriel have all the “boy” toys like trucks and trains, but he has access to all of his big sister’s dolls, carriages and such.  I don’t entertain the idea of boy vs girl toys and I think kids should have whatever interests them.  My son loves this one baby doll of his sister’s.  He pushes it around in the doll stroller all the time.  He can be so caring with the doll, which is adorable to watch, but on occasion he also runs as fast as he can and slams the stroller into the wall, repeatedly.  Yep, all boy.  The whiplash that baby doll has had to endure…

So it was no surprise when Gabriel absolutely FLIPPED out when his new My Little Pony toys arrived.  He especially loves the bus (anything with wheels!) and, you guessed it, loves to ram it into the castle.

#playskoolcrew my little pony toys

His big sister is about to turn 9, so she’s in that phase where she is very into older, tween things but still is a little kid at heart.  I know she loves having her little b around so she can play like a little kid whenever she wants.  She was equally excited to see the My Little Pony toys, which are just insanely cute.  So first we have the Playskool Friends Musical Celebration Castle featuring My Little Pony, which is a dream come true for any MLP fan.  My daughter would have absolutely lost it over this castle when she was a toddler.  It is purple and pink and everything you associate with My Little Pony.  It comes with two ponies – Pinkie Pie and Star Song.  It also plays music and sound effects once you pop in batteries.

#playskoolcrew my little pony

This castle has a lot of cute features like the spinning platform.  Just put in two ponies…


…and then whack the top button a few times.  They spin!  This really amuses Gabriel.

There is also an elevator on the side that toddlers can slide up and down…


…and balconies for ponies or for you to play peek-a-boo through.



Like I mentioned before, Gabe really loves the bus.  This is the Playskool Friends My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Friendship Bus and the cuteness factor is through the roof.  It is the perfect size for little toddler hands and it rolls easily over any surface.  Rainbow Dash comes with the bus, but it has room for two additional ponies, so make sure to snag Playskool Friends My Little Pony Figure Collector Pack, which contains 7 chunky ponies.  Speaking of perfectly sized, these chunky ponies are just made for little hands.



So back to the bus, which Gabriel loves to drive all over me.


The bus has a few little features for toddlers to play with, including a fun “stop sign” that pops out.  It is Rainbow Dash’s symbol since it is her bus.  Just so adorable.  You’ll also notice a roller on the side that little ones can spin.

And, because little kids just love cause and effect, they can push the button on the front of the bus and the door pops open!  It is the little details that make these toys worth purchasing – quality entertainment that will keep little kids’ attention for longer than a second.

All of these Playskool My Little Pony toys are rated for ages 18 months – 4 years. and are the perfect last minute gift for the holidays, which are almost here!  Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  I was out early this morning, despite being super sick, to finish up my gift purchasing.  I saw these products at big box retailers, so be sure to pick them up if you have a kid in the age range!


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