My Monster Burrufu {book review}

My Monster Burrufu book reviewMy daughter is four.  Technically, she is closer to five now than four, which is mind boggling for me .  We have officially hit this transition in bedtime stories where my not-so-baby wants meatier books.  Her attention span has grown, which is also mind boggling yet very welcome.  Where I used to need picture books to keep her paying attention, she now actually listens to the words and thinks about the story.  She likes a good plot with colorful characters–in personality, not just in picture.  This new-found love of actual reading is super exciting for me, the child who always had a book in hand and three more in my bag.  I still stay up late reading in bed by a tiny reading lamp, and I hope to catch my daughter doing the same very soon.

We were having a chat one evening, my daughter and I.  Teeth were brushed, pajamas were on (tags in the back) and I told my daughter to go pick a book or two from her giant collection.  Since she was a baby, I have been collecting books for her for all ages, but she hadn’t been choosing ones without pages of huge pictures–until now.  She grabbed Charlotte’s Web off a shelf and brought it over.  My first thought was, “there is no way she will be able to concentrate long enough for us to get through this.”  But, my daughter insisted.  And so every night from that night on, we read 2-4 chapters (depending on her level of tiredness).  It was a great accomplishment when we finished the book and I could tell my daughter loved this new big girl book bedtime.  So when I got notice that Dreamworks animator, Alberto Corral, had written a kids book with more words than pictures, I was delighted.

My Monster Burrufu is a beautifully written book about a seven year old girl who befriends a lonely monster living in a secret attic of her new house.  The little girl, Olivia, discovers the creature when he sneaks into the kitchen one night, tempted by the decadent aroma of cookies.  The two develop an unlikely friendship that has to remain hush hush.  The first obstacle of their friendship is getting the monster, Burrufu to trust Olivia.  He has, after all, been alone for a long time.  Exciting events unfold and little lessons are tied in about overcoming fear and being accepting of others.  My daughter absolutely fell in love with this book and tells me quite often she wants her own Burrufu.   This literary nugget is fantastic for young readers as it emphasizes the importance of being kind to others, despite our differences–no matter how large.  My Monster Burrufu comes with expert illustrations by Alessandra Sorrentino.  They are whimsical and so adorable–as if Burrufu wasn’t cute enough!  She is a super talented artist; and combined with Corral’s gripping child’s tale, this book is a must have for any adventurous reader.  Purchase your own copy of My Monster Burrufu from Amazon for under $10.  Recommended reading age of 8-12 (but, makes for a great bedtime book for younger kids).   102 pages, published by Petite Grande Idée.

My Monster Burrufu booke review in the know mom

Special thanks to Alberto Corral for providing a copy for review.  

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