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This mommy and me book club post is sponsored by Sam’s Club.

Cultivating a passion for leisure reading in my children is one of my goals as a mom.  At first, you just want them to learn the words and excel in school, but then you realize your job is much bigger than that.  Sparking a desire to “get lost in a book” is a priceless accomplishment that I hope to achieve.  To get Gabriel started on the right foot, I decided to start a Mommy and Me Book Club, party of two – for now.

I also have a 10 year old.  She has taught me a LOT about a LOT.  She learned to read the same as any kid and continues to increase her vocabulary and creative writing right on track.  What I’ve always struggled with is getting her to love reading like I did/do.  She would be fine with reading in her spare time, but it was always my idea.  That spark just wasn’t there, no matter how many cool books I bought her.  One day recently, it dawned on me.

I don’t read anymore.

In the middle of the chaos that is being a working mom, I’ve put a lot of my interests on the backburner.  “Me time” is rare but what I’ve discovered is that there could be nothing more important than leading by example.  Why would my kids believe me when I say “there is nothing like getting lost in a book” if they don’t see me getting lost in a book?  That was a lightbulb moment.

That very weekend, I devoured an entire book.  Do you know what happened on Sunday?  My 10 year old daughter (who would rather be glued to her tablet) grabbed a book of hers, without me asking, went outside and read for at least 2 hours.  I swear.

Every mom makes a lot of mistakes, but the goal is always to learn and improve.  I feel bad that Savannah gets the short end of the stick, but I’m grateful for the lessons she has unknowingly taught me, as they will make me a better mom to her little brother.

Gabriel is a born bookworm.  Where his big sis never wanted to sit for story time, he could sit for hours.  He absolutely loves books, despite not being able to actually read them.  I love that.  There isn’t anything much cuter than his little voice, “reading” a book aloud.  It’s heart-melting.

Pre-K story time at our library is only on Tuesday afternoons.  Gabe LOVES those sessions and I wish they happened more frequently.  Since they don’t, and I’m not willing to volunteer, I thought we’d start our own mommy and me book club, at my home, where we take time out of every. single. day. to read together.  He reads, I read, we read together.

The next step for our book club is to recruit.  I’m hoping to have a few select friends with pre-K littles join in on our book club from time to time.  Reading as a group definitely has its benefits.  Much like how a good movie is always better with friends, stories come to life when enjoyed together.

Our first official book club with friends is next week and to prepare, I headed Sam’s Club.  I have all of the books but to host a successful mommy and me book club, I’m going to need all of the snacks as well.  I’ve always been a stickler when it comes to the foods and snacks I hand to my kids.  Sam’s Club has a really great selection of wholesome foods my kids love, especially Annie’s.  All kids love Annie’s and therefore all moms love Annie’s as well!  Annie’s White Cheddar Popcorn is a favorite of mine when hosting kids at the house.

My kids have always loved fresh from the earth foods and it’s easy to find natural and organic in the produce and deli sections.  Things can go south in the pantry, though, if you don’t pay attention to your ingredients lists.  An easy way to keep your pantry stocked well, without spending TOO much time scouring labels, is to stick with brands you trust like Annie’s organic products…

…Larabar, Cascadian Farms, all available at Sam’s Club in bulk size.  Moms love to shop in bulk because who has time for frequent grocery store trips?  At least that’s my thinking.  I go once every two weeks to fill up my pantry and freezer with natural, organic foods my family enjoys.

What ideas do you have for a Mommy and Me Book Club?  With other kids coming over, I’m working on a structured plan, mapping out the books and coordinating activities that will really help the kiddos connect to the stories.  Themed book club plans will be super fun and I’m looking forward to adding pool time to the book club days!

I will be sharing specific book club ideas on the blog, coming soon, to help you start your own!

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