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Splashimals, finally a fun water game {Milliwik}

 Kids love bathtime. Mostly due to the toys that we can find for them. I remember when my daughter first started playing with toys in the tub. Exciting moment for a first time mom. I was all giddy to find her toys. I decided on a set of squirt toys, set of cups and boon’s shape toys that stuck to the wall. Then I remember a bunch of friends telling me how their squirt toys had mold in them from water that was never squeezed out of them. Yuck! All squirt toys were in the trash. Well a couple of years have passed and I haven’t added any other bath toys to our collection, until now. Reason being is that I just haven’t found any others that I liked. I found Milliwik randomly while searching for some water toys and I was instantly sold. Similar to how Boon’s shapes stick to the walls, but oh so much better. They have four different sets of waterproof cards.

The Splashimals is by far my favorite. Each animal is separated into two cards. Put the correct ones together, or mix them up for fun. First thing I noticed was the fact that I wanted to play! I let my daughter mix a few up on the wall and then instantly I went into the zone, creating my own creatures. I’m almost embarrassed to say how much fun I had with her. The Splashimals were completely inspiring my daughter to try and read. She’d ask me to help her sound out what the animals were that we made. “Tou-mel” for the half toucan, half camel I made. We’d laugh and then she’d re-arrange them and then we’d sound them out again. After that, she’d put the correct cards together and she’d say “it’s an elephant!” We had a play-date this past weekend with one of my daughter’s friends. I decided to bring the cards out to the pool as they were swimming and the two girls were lining up the cards on the side of the pool laughing hysterically with each other. We brought the cards back inside as we showered off after the pool. My husband jumped in after we were done and I gave him a warning about the cards and how much fun they were. Next thing I know, he’s laughing saying “It’s a liger” and making up a whole new set of animals. Now we make up a whole bunch for the next person who takes a shower to see.

These are by far my favorite bath, shower, pool toys that I’ve found, EVER. I’m so extremely impressed with these not only for how fun they are, but for how they motivate my daughter to try and read. Who would’ve ever thought that some cards would be this much fun. This is a definite MUST-HAVE toy! No joking around here, people. Ok, it’s time for us to head into the pool and make up some more creatures. Purchase your own set of Splashimals here and while you’re at it, check out their other great cards too. I know I’ll be back for the SumBodies. Milliwik, I love you.

Special thanks to Milliwik for providing a sample for review purposes.

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