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Childup flashcardsTeaching your baby to count from 1-20 is a no-brainer, but what about math skills beyond recognizing numbers?  You little toddlers are very capable of understanding fundamental logic–so much so, it might surprise you.  A tried and true tool for any parent, caregiver, and teacher is the classic flashcard.  Flashcards are great visual tools that promote memory due to repetition.  It’s an easy way to bring interactive learning into the household and classroom.  My daughter tends to really enjoy the flashcard method because it is like a game to her, and she stays entertained for a full couple rounds.  That being said, there is a product that has gotten me really excited about extending my daughter’s math logic…and a tool for starting my next child’s developmental journey.

ChildUp is a team of early childhood development experts (and parents) who develop and offer solutions for us parents.  I focused in specifically on two sets of flashcards Teach Your Child to Count to 10 – Math and Logic #1 and Teach Your Child to Count to 20 – Math and Logic #1.  These titles are a little misleading as they offer so much more knowledge and understanding.  My four year old is way past counting to 20 but these cards have been intrinsic in her math skills nonetheless.   These sets are perfect for children ages 1-5 (the critical period for learning the basics of math and logic).

The flashcards feature not only numbers, but also animals to represent the amount the corresponding number represents.  Each card also shows simple addition to achieve the number.  It simply gives your child a better way to understand numbers–what they look like, how many units they represent, and what other numbers can be added to achieve it.  I believe this early learning sets your child up for a better overall understanding, a leg up on the other tots.  There are 48 child cards and also another 16 parent cards, which  present the 1st part of the ChildUp Early Learning Method, with practical early learning and parenting advice.

The second set of flashcards operates much like the 1-10 set, except it features 10-20.  In this series, you can introduce your little student to odd and even number recognition and counting as well, which was something I had overlooked.  I was also able to teach my daughter about prime numbers with both sets.   Addition is continued in this set, as well as subtraction.  All the math basics your child needs to start kindergarten and more.  The second set of flashcards also contains 16 parent cards presenting the 2nd part of the ChildUp Early Learning Method.  It’s a competitive world, even in Kindergarten.  Kindergarten is the new 1st grade, they say.

From ChildUp: “When children start school, their mastery of numeracy and literacy fundamentals is the most important factor in predicting subsequent academic achievement. By then, their academic destiny is largely set.”  As parents, we must take on the role of teacher from the very beginning, creating an academic background that will be a strong foundation.  ChildUp Math and Logic Cards are a great place to start.  The ChildUp website contains many more resources for parents as well, so I recommend taking a tour of the site.  Don’t forget to check out the  iCount to 10 App that is available for the iPhone or the iPad.  This is a great app for iPad learners like my daughter, and rings in at just $1.99.

Special thanks to ChildUp for providing products for review.

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