designer worthy bibs {MARLMARL} + Giveaway

 designer worthy bibs {MARLMARL} + Giveaway teething round bib MARLMARL drool My baby girl has been drooling for what feels like four months now. She’s currently five months old and I now know that teeth aren’t that far away from poking through. With cooler temps finally arriving, she gets chilled really easily if her outfit becomes damp from too much drool. This set me out on the hunt for the perfect drool catching bib. The thing that I personally don’t like about using regular bibs is that it’s the same as a shirt, a little bit of drool on it and it’s now useless. Then I found MARLMARL. Finally, a company who knew exactly what I needed and provided me a solution.

MARLMARL creates extremely stylish and adorable bibs. They created them in this perfect round shape so that when your child gets the bib wet in front of them, simply give the bib a little turn and they have a new dry area! The lush fabrics they use truly kept her drool just in the bib and never soaked into her clothes. This kept my little chilly willy warm all day. The key to their bibs is not only their shape, but they use three different layers making them highly absorbent. Plus it never flips up or gets in the way as they’re playing with their toys. I especially love that if my daughter plays with a toy on the side of her and has her head turned, her drool is caught then as well. With regular bibs, her shoulder would be soaked. Another great feature that was a pleasant surprise is their two position snaps. This bib truly grows with your child ensuring they’re both comfortable and dry.

MARLMARL bibs come in stylish macaroon colors for your baby and are sold in sets of three. Your hardest decision will be trying to pick which patterns/colors you’d like! It was pretty funny because I dropped off my baby at my mom’s house because she and my aunt switch days for watching her. They both happened to be there and she had on her MARLMARL bib. I didn’t say anything to them about it because I was curious to see what their thoughts were. First thing they said to me when I picked her up was “I LOVE HER BIB!” My aunt said “It was great because I just would turn it a little when she drooled all over the front and she had a dry spot again.” My mom’s comment was “You need one of these for every day of the week.” Needless to say, my unaware testers absolutely adored these bibs.

The company is based out of Japan, but ship just the same to the US without additional costs to you. They’re one of the amazing companies that we always wish would see to the US, well now they do! Head over to MARLMARL to see all of their adorable designs. These make great stocking stuffers. I was even impressed by the adorable box they came in. You can even make them a little more adorable by having them embroidered.  You can also enter our giveaway for a set of three below!

 designer worthy bibs {MARLMARL} + Giveaway teething round bib MARLMARL drool
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 designer worthy bibs {MARLMARL} + Giveaway teething round bib MARLMARL drool

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