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Now that my daughter is no longer a baby, and more a kid, she travels a lot more.  Not only does she travel a lot more, but she wants to now bring a lot more.  This knowledge led me to decide that she needed her own luggage.  This is great for me because now I don’t have to stuff her gear into my personal bags.  We were using a sort of cute duffle bag for her but she needed something more grown up.  Remembering the delightful designs I had once seen on Beatrix New York’s site, I immediately clicked on over to see what they had currently.  The Wheelie Bags come with an adjustable handle so your kid can drag it along on it’s wheels; and when they are too tired, pop the handle up to the adult height.  You can comfortably pull their suitcase as well.  Ingenious.  They are made of heavy duty nylon over a sturdy metal frame.  This suitcase means serious business and will last and last throughout your travels.  The wheelie bag is a roomy 13 x 16 x 6.5″ and also has an extra pocket on the front for more treasures.  The inside has a zippered pouch perfect for small toiletries and it also feature clips to keep your clothes in place, just like mom and dad’s.  The suitcase is PVC free, lead free and phthalate free.

When faced with her options, my daughter immediately went to the monkey, Dieter.  She made this choice based on two factors (orange because that is mom’s favorite color and her second favorite color, and she loves monkeys).  She squealed with pure joy when the bag arrived at our house.  She immediately unzipped it and starting packing for a trip that I wasn’t aware we were taking.  It was cute to see what items she valued the most.  Let’s just say there were more Barbies than socks in there.  Next came the ultimate test: going through the Los Angeles Airport (LAX).  She was sooo proud to be pulling her own suitcase.  She wore a huge grin the whole time and made sure other passengers were aware of her fancy grown up suitcase.  Since it’s arrival, we’ve had many occasions for her to pack and pull her Wheelie Bag around.  It’s spacious and perfect for an overnight stay or a full week of fun.  I highly recommend Beatrix New York when you are searching for the perfect kid’s luggage.

Special thanks to Beatrix New York for providing a sample product for review purposes.

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