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I’m sharing my Red Lobster date night and #lobsterworthy moments in my life as part of a Red Lobster sponsored series for Socialstars™

April 23rd is Lovers Day, so time to start planning a date night with your honey!  What makes a great date night?  Food and cocktails of course.  Last night, I took my hubs to Red Lobster to see how they do date night and the results were quite tasty!  With spring in full swing and summer right around the corner, seafood and fruit rum drinks are just what I’m looking for – Red Lobster does not disappoint.

We arrived at Red Lobster in Palm Desert, CA around 6:30 pm – right at sunset so we could enjoy the view.  If you’ve ever been to my desert valley before, you know we live butted up against beautiful mountains and the sunset skies are full of cotton candy pink clouds… simply beautiful.  We were greeted by the sweetest server and began our mission to find the best date night apps and cocktails.

It’s date night and after a long half week of kids and work, a fruity cocktail was the first thing on my mind.  I was sucked in by the beautiful-looking images in the menu of the Bahama Mama, so that was an obvious choice!  Neil ordered a Lagunitas IPA because, well he’s a beer guy.

Of course, the food options are a plenty and hard to choose from, so the choice was clear – get a sampler!  We ordered the Seaside Sampler with Seafood-Stuffed Mushrooms, Parrot Isle Jumbo Coconut Shrimp and Signature Shrimp Cocktail.  WOW, I could eat this every day of my life.  It is that good.  The shrimp cocktail is chilled to perfection, the coconut shrimp is the crispiest I’ve ever had and the stuffed mushrooms, well they were probably my favorite.  I’m feeling like next Thanksgiving I will try and do a seafood stuffing!

I really wanted to share another app with you guys – so for YOU GUYS, we ordered another.  I’m doing this for YOU!  =)  We decided on the Lobster and Langoustine Pizza, which is absolutely amazing.  The crust is so thin and crispy, it is practically like a cracker.  The seafood is cooked to perfection (man, can Red Lobster cook a mean lobster!).  Again, I could eat this every day of the week and be totally content!

Then, the craziest thing happened… another delicious, fruity cocktail showed up at my table.  I don’t know how it happened, maybe I ordered it.  Again, doing this for you guys.  It was the Sunset Passion Colada, which was packed full of coconut and strawberry flavor.  I couldn’t be happier at this point, with my coconut shrimp and my tropical cocktails… a little mini vacation in my mind (which is just what I needed after a stressful hump day).

You know that craft beer snob husband I have?  He secretly couldn’t keep his paws off of my fruity cocktails.  Every time I developed a brain freeze from drinking my second one so fast (had to get to our next date location ASAP) he snaked it.  Typical! Neil may have a tough exterior, but he’s not afraid to embrace his feminine side.  hahah

This was stop one of date night – we still had to make our friend’s show.  My favorite girl here in the desert, her boyfriend is in a band called Wild Sons and they are absolutely amazing.  I’m not just saying that because they are friends.  You have to hear her boyfriend, Paul’s voice.  His range and tone quality is unbelievable!  Anyway, we said our goodbyes to the sweetest Red Lobster server ever (kicking myself for not writing her name down!!) and hit the road, leftover pizza and a fresh bag of Cheddar Bay Biscuits in hand.  See you soon, Red Lobster!

The show was just a few miles down the street at The Hood, so we almost made the first song.  They were playing a show as part of the Battle of the Bands competition so they didn’t have a ton of time to play.  But, we made it and it was awesome.  Good luck, guys.

How do you date night?  Share your Red Lobster date night stories – past or present on social media.  Make sure to tag them #lobsterworthy !  LobsterFest is still going, but ending soon guys!  To try out the awesome menu, grab your significant other and celebrate Lovers Day at Red Lobster – April 23rd!

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