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Taking Kids To The RIght Heights {Aquatopia First Stepper}

Aquatopia first stepperIt still surprises me to think of how many step stools my one daughter has been through.  From the potty convert to the multi-step to the complete wrap-around, she has tried them all.  Plastic, bamboo, birch…one with handles, one with wheels… you see my point.  But this week my daughter found her favorite, the one that is the perfect height, feels great on her bare feet and matches her bathroom decor, the Aquatopia First Stepper.

The Aquatopia First Stepper is a shorter stool that brings toddlers and kids up to the perfect sink or potty height.  One thing I have seen is that many stools are simply too tall, especially for kids beyond their toddler years.  I’ve seen my daughter on the potty with her knees up unusually high, looking rather uncomfortable.  With the First Stepper, she has the boost she needs and nothing more.

No need to teeter to new heights and with the wider than average base, safety is priority in the design.  Many aforementioned step stools have been rocky or shaky, especially under newly walking feet.  Not the case with the First Stepper.  Also featured are slip resistant legs.

The best part of the Aquatopia First Stepper, though, is the memory foam top.  9 out of 10 times my kid is not wearing shoes in the bathroom, so the stepper’s cushy top is a major plus.  The 1/2″ memory foam fleece top makes teeth brushing time more pleasant, and don’t worry about dirty feet or falling toothpaste because it is removable and machine washable.

Convenient, functional and completely storable, the Aquatopia First Stepper is available in blue or pink (cotton candy shades) and green. Purchase from Babies R Us online or in a local store.  Keep in the know by liking Aquatopia on Facebook.



Product was provided by Aquatopia to facilitate this review.

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