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As a mom of a girl AND a boy, there is one thing that really grinds my gears — the gender roles society places on them.  Based on their genders, they are supposed to like certain colors, certain toys and certain activities, all staying within some sort of archaic, imaginary box.  How these stigmas still exist in the 21st century, I don’t know.

I mean, who’s to say that my little boy can’t wear his sister’s old Hello Kitty boots AND beat up a palm tree with Darth Vader?  That’s his choice.  We even still used the phrase “Like A Girl” in a derogatory way, usually when it comes to sports.  Well, we’re taking that phrase and OWNING it because “Like A Girl” is really a compliment.  I’m happy to report I do everything like a girl and I’m proud of it!

With a 9 1/2 year old girl in my home, I’m often thinking about approaching puberty and all of the trials that come along with that.  With all of the physical changes happening, it is easy for girls to lose their confidence. A good way to battle that during and after puberty is to keep girls active in sports and achieving goals.  Sports is the perfect way to build confidence, and despite what our culture might tell you, it doesn’t have to be just “girl” sports… whatever that is.

My tiny dancer at summer camp. 💃 Clickity clackity. #momlife #tap #summercamp #theater #theatercamp

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This summer, Savannah has been doing all kids of activities. She is in the last of 6 weeks of summer camp – a musical theater camp that is full of singing, dancing and acting. Opening night is this Friday! I have seen her confidence grow immensely through this process as she has put virtually her entire summer break into this experience. But her summer hasn’t ALL been singing and dancing…

Just a few days ago, I took her to a off-roading spot here in Palm Springs where she raced up the mountainside and around the obstacle course on a quad. I could tell she was nervous when first arrived – so many boys on quads, zooming around… but she has always had a mentality that if a boy can do it, she can do it and do it she did! By the time we were leaving, she was getting high-5’s from the boys and begging to come back the next day.  She totally rode that quad “Like A Girl”.  A badass girl!

Savannah has always been more of an alternate sport type of gal.  Ice skating is probably her favorite sport at the moment, which is about to start back up in the fall.  She’s pretty thrilled about that.  She’s also now decided she wants to continue tap dancing lessons after falling in love with tap at theatre camp – but also loves ripping around on quads, archery (her favorite hobby when she is stressed) and skateboarding.  She does a LOT of things “Like A Girl” and crushes them all!

kids archery tips #genesisbows

One of my greatest roles as a mother of a daughter, is to be empowering. I can feel things shifting a bit at home. Her hormones are kicking in, creating some interesting and irrational blow-ups out of nowhere… she suddenly cares more about her appearance, boys and what people think. My job now is to keep her focused, confident and active in any sport that makes her feel good about herself!

Redefine “Like A Girl” and keep your daughters playing.  Keep them confident and keep them inspired by showing them female athletes that are totally killing it in very sport!  Always Like A Girl campgain is a global puberty education program that reaches over 20 million girls worldwide.  The goal is to prevent loss of confidence during and after puberty.  Show your daughters and their friends this amazing Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Playing video –>


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