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the wisdom of mothers {join the hydration movement}

 the wisdom of mothers {join the hydration movement} water hydrate health advice

My mother will always be the wisest woman I know.  When I am under stress she transforms into the calmest person, and it is contagious.  She is my port in the storm.  In fact, I just called her last night at 3 AM to freak out about the three black widows we found in our garage.  As always, she was able to put me at ease (well, the most ease manageable with poisonous creatures just a door away from my babies).

By professional trade my mom is a radiation oncologist, or as I always told people, “she treats cancer patients”.  My whole life I have heard horror stories from her experiences at work, I’m sure only the tip of the iceberg.  It did have an impact on me and my lifestyle choices, though maybe not at first.  Typical kid, I did things she was appalled by, trying cigarettes, working at a tanning salon, things that led to ugly cancers she was fighting.  *doh*

Later on I took the lessons others learned the hard way to heart, the lessons passed onto me through my mother.  I now take many precautions to keep myself healthy and avoiding cancer the best I can, well, the avoidable kinds at least.  I wouldn’t touch a cigarette with a 20 ft pole (gross), I wear sunscreen, I eat a ton of fresh produce, I workout every day and I drink a LOT of water.

 the wisdom of mothers {join the hydration movement} water hydrate health advice

When I heard of this campaign about the wisdom of mothers tied to hydrating, I chuckled.  My mother drinks at least 3 quarts of water a day.  No lie.  Do you realize that’s almost a gallon some days?  I remember growing up, everything could be helped with water.  Every ailment I had my mom was recommending fluids.  Now I hear myself telling my husband and daughter to drink more water when they complain of anything, no matter how unrelated!  My husband thinks it’s hilarious, but he drinks the water anyway.

My mom understood the importance of hydration.  The fact is, keeping hydrated does make one feel better and it can rid little ailments like headaches, brain fog and anxiety.  After all, 60% of the adult body is water and it is always needing to be replenished.  Water keeps you healthy on the outside as well, which is why my mother has the skin of a 25 year old.

We live in the desert (my husband, kids and I) where the summers are blistering hot.  They are uninhabitable by every means of the word.  Everywhere we go, every errand, every little walk, we all are carrying water.  It’s a no-brainer here, but it should be for everyone everywhere.  I end up more hydrated living in this climate because drinking water constantly is a habit.

For on the go hydration, there is Nestlé® Pure Life®, a bottled water that has been through a multi-step filtration process.  It is even enhanced with minerals for a pure taste. Drink Better, Live Better.  Forget the added sugar, flavorings and unnatural colors (looking at you sports drinks).  Water, people.  Drink your water!

 the wisdom of mothers {join the hydration movement} water hydrate health advice

At the end of the day, my mother has given me a look at her wisdom, something to pray for and aspire to obtain.  I want my own daughter to think I am wise.  I want to calm her when she is frantic.  I want to instill the value of a healthy lifestyle.  I want to make her confident and brave.  I want her to know she is so loved.  I want her to have everything my mother has given me, and if at all possible, more.

Nestlé® Pure Life’s® Facebook page is powered by almost 400,000 fans! Last year, over 100,000 fans joined the Nestlé® Pure Life® Hydration Movement by pledging to swap one sugary beverage a day with water for a year to cut 50,000 calories from their diet, and then share their family’s story of healthy hydration on the Facebook page mosaic.

Call to action: Pure wisdom is best shared! Visit the Nestlé® Pure Life® Facebook wall and leave a comment with the hashtag #momswisdom sharing the advice your mother gave you and how it has impacted your life for the better.

This article is sponsored by Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water.  All opinions are 100% my own.  I have received consideration from Linqia on my materials, tweets and posts.


 the wisdom of mothers {join the hydration movement} water hydrate health advice

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  1. Glenda Cates

    WOW your mother is a kind and caring person and she is doing something I could never imagine doing which makes her a special person. I was always told if I did not feel well that water would help so it is nice to know someone else was told the same things. If you have time I am also in this campaign and I have a linky on my site so I can keep in touch with everyone so Please stop by and link up with me at http://mommiespov.com/growing-thought-mothergrandmother/

  2. Mitch

    Hydration is so important, especially as it gets hotter and hotter. I love to drink as much water as possible because it helps flush out the system and lose weight!


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