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how to wash and love delicates

These tips for how to wash delicates are part of a #Tide sponsored series for Socialstars™

My feelings about this early heat in Palm Springs are conflicting.  As much as I complain about the harsh summer heat with no relief in the desert, I still kinda crave it.  I did choose to live here after all.  The saving grace of a Palm Springs summer is the pool.  Everyone has a pool here – everyone – and with pool life comes lots of pool wear.  Finding the right swimsuits and cover-ups is just step one.  Step two is maintenance.

One of the things you become really good at after becoming a mom is laundry.  I consider myself quite the ninja in the laundry room, doesn’t mean I like it, but I can get just about anything out.  It’s funny the variety of stains you encounter as a mom… not funny HA HA but funny humorous.  Kids are always coming home with freshly stained “favorite” shirts, pants or uniforms, aren’t they?  The thing with that is kids grow out of their clothes quickly as opposed to our forever clothes that we plan on keeping for as long as possible.  Therefore, our clothing is more important!

People tend to gravitate to comfort clothes.  I think I just coined a new phrase!  Comfort clothes varies with the person and can be a legging obsession, a denim fixation or anything that is your go-to comfort wear.  For me, it is 100% swim cover-ups and tunics.  Here in Palm Springs it isn’t rare to see people at the grocery store in bikini tops.  It’s a little odd considering we are nowhere near a beach, but we have this constant “vacation mode” thing happening.  You will see it in full bloom come Coachella time next month.  While you won’t catch me at the store in a bikini, you WILL find me in a cover-up 3 days out of the week.

Often times, cover-ups are made of delicate materials or feature embellishments like beads and embroidery.  I like to invest in my cover-ups so come laundry time, they get their own load and I make sure to treat them nicely.

I remember the days when I used to wash my cover-ups and other delicates by hand.  Those days were prior to me being a mom.  I’ll definitely admit that since becoming a mom and therefore having no time for anything, I avoid dry clean only and hand wash recommended clothing.  Luckily, most quality washing machines have a delicate cycle.  Here are my tips for maintaining and washing delicates.

fasten closures

Hook hooks, tie ties, get everything fastened.  You don’t want your delicates to snag other delicates.

turn it inside out

Protect the exterior of your clothing by turning it inside out before washing.

use mesh bags

Putting your delicates into mesh laundry bags will help maintain the integrity of your clothing, especially if they have embellishments, straps, underwire, closures, etc.  The bags will also prevent clothes from tangling together.

check the tag

Always read the instructions on your clothing’s tag.  Here is where you will find the right water temperature for your garments.

water first

Let your washing machine fill with water before you throw in the detergent and then the clothes.

consider drying

Some of my delicates, I don’t dry.  Most, I actually do.  Add wool laundry balls to the load to cut down drying time and reduce static/wrinkles.  Insider tip: add essential oil drops to your wool balls to impart scent!  Use the low heat setting for delicates and set to “less dry” or whatever your shortest drying time is.

Choosing a good laundry detergent is also key to washing and maintaining your favorite clothing.  I’ve been a Tide girl for many years and I don’t see that changing any time soon.  My biggest pet peeve with laundry isn’t stain removal, it’s color fade.  There isn’t much worse than buying an article of clothing because you love the color, only to wash it once and have it fade.  Doesn’t that just really grind your gears?

In an effort to clean, brighten and fight stains all while protecting my favorite clothing, I use Tide PODS® Plus Downy.  Washing clothing doesn’t have to be super damaging thanks to Downy Fabric Protect.  Now I don’t really have to worry about washing my favorite delicates.   Tide PODS® Plus Downy dissolves in any water temperature, perfect for all laundry from bright whites to darkest darks.

These 4-in-1 laundry pacs make my piles of family laundry a little easier to handle.  Toss in a POD and you’re good to go. Tide PODS® work in both high efficiency and standard washing machines, and offer HE Turbo Technology which provided 6x the cleaning power in half the time!  Clean and condition your delicates in just 1 step.  Like all household products, keep out of reach of children and pets.

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