how to prevent kid soccer injuries

Getting kids involved in team sports is one of the best things you can ever do for them.  Soccer is the fastest growing team sport in the United States and it is easy to see why.  Besides the pure cardio workout, kids also develop better balance, agility and coordination while playing and practicing soccer.  Since it is 100% a team sport, kids also learn how to better work with others.  Like any sport, parents need to always be concerned about sports safety, so I’m talking to my fellow soccer moms today – the next-gen soccer moms with the cool kids ;)

how to prevent kids soccer injuries

The best way to avoid sports injuries is to take steps to prevent them and here is how:

  • pre-season exam.  Knowledge is power, right?  Having a pre-season exam performed will expose existing problems and give you the chance to address them now, rather than aggravate them during the season.
  • be aware of field conditions.  Many injuries occur due to poor conditions of the field, due to negligent maintenance or bad weather.  Keep tabs on the field your child is playing on and look out for potential hazards.
  • condition.  Keep your kid in good condition year round, putting emphasis on strength training and flexibility.  Make sure they understand the importance of stretching regularly to prevent avoidable injuries.
  • hydration.  Once you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  Keep kiddos hydrated to avoid heat illnesses and cramping muscles.
  • proper gear.  Invest in quality key pieces that will support and protect your children.  Make sure it all is well-fitting and in good condition.

Outfitting your kids in gear that is not only high quality but in good condition is really important in any sport.  Soccer is relatively new to Savannah and she has this injury apprehension beyond her years that sometimes holds her back.  As she embraces the sport and others, I see her letting go a bit but wearing protective gear is definitely helping with soccer.  She especially loves the Bodyshield Sleeveless Undershirt, which is a compression undershirt for field players.  It not only helps to control chest passes, but gives protection to the ribs – because we all know collisions happen.  **and all the soccer moms cringe**  Savannah reported immediately during dressing that she loved the compression top and felt “invincible” … I think that is a good thing.  She does actually look more confident wearing it and I feel better sitting on the sidelines.

how to prevent soccer injuries

If you are a soccer mom or follow any sports news, you know concussions are a very real thing.  I didn’t play soccer in school but I was a cheerleading flyer (the one who pops up in the air) and have had my share of concussions.  They are no joke and while the ExoShield Head Guard is not a “concussion preventer” (and such does not exist) it does significantly reduce impact.  I don’t know about you, but anything that truly protects my kids’ noggins is a must have, plus, they don’t have to look like a dork – these are super bad ace looking, right?

how to prevent sports injuries soccer

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