how to keep kids learning this summer – on the go

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Summer Learning Loss is a very real thing for kids out of school for the summer.  Three months is a long time to not be exercising their brains, reviewing what they learned last year and preparing for next year.  Fortunately, there are some amazing portable ways to learn while on your summer road trips like Summer Bridge Activities workbook from Carson-Dellosa!

I homeschooled my oldest kid K-3, so I am no stranger to the workbook.  They are awesome additional resources for practicing old and new skills.  For most workbooks, I buy the current grade and the next grade to introduce skills and ideas that will be taught the next year.  I find this to be a really great way to keep your kid one step ahead.  This is why I love. love. LOVE.  Summer Bridge Activities which do just that – they BRIDGE two grades (review of last year’s subjects while preparing for next year).

We do a lot of road-tripping in our family, always looking for our next adventure whether near or kind of far.  We have two bigger road trips planned this summer that will keep us away from our home for over 3 weeks total, so learning on-the-go is on my mind.  I’ll be bringing activities for both of the kids to help pass the time in the car and keep their brains stimulated.

The teacher-recommended, award-winning Summer Bridge Activities series is the perfect thing to keep the dreaded summer learning loss from happening, without having your kids feel like they are in full summer school.  The daily activities are designed to only take up 15 minutes of their day and have a nice variety to keep them interested.  These books are great for days at home, days on a road trip and even just running errands around town.  My daughter always grows bored in the car, so sometimes I swap her Nintendo 3Ds for a workbook and she usually doesn’t mind!

Each 160 page book contains 12 weeks worth of activities based on the current standards, covering reading, writing, math, science, social studies and even fitness.  Yes, fitness!  There are fitness breaks to get kids out of their seats and on their feets, from arm circles and jumping jacks to stretching and jogging.  There are also outdoor exercises and indoor science experiments, because what kid doesn’t like to make a mess?  If my daughter has her way, school would just be one hands on experiment after the other.

In the back you will find really awesome flashcards, as well as reward stickers to go on completed pages.  There is a completion certificate and a summer reading list, which I find really helpful.  I am always looking for new books for Savannah to read (because she flies through them so fast) and it is good to know they are right at her current reading level.  I never want to give her something too easy or too challenging, aka frustrating, so thank you Carson-Dellosa!’

Summer Bridge Activities workbooks are for grades Pre-K/K to 7/8, so if you have children in those grades, give them a head start for next year while preventing summer learning loss!  Guess what?  I have a coupon code for you guys!!

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