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I’m sharing how to eat out with kids tips and #lobsterworthy moments in my life as part of a Red Lobster sponsored series for Socialstars™

We live in beautiful Palm Springs, CA, ranked #1 hippest mid-sized city in America on gogobot.com.  Whoop!  It is a tourist destination for literally everyone – the hipsters, the families and the retired golf enthusiasts.  This means there is a surplus of restaurants, resorts and things to do.  I’m a relatively young mom and my husband and I like to have fun in our city, with or without the kids.  Dining out with the kids, specifically the loud, little one, can be exceptionally difficult – but eating out with kids is possible.

The most important thing is: know where to go; know where not to go.  Plain and simple, there are certain restaurants my kids will not set foot into until they can properly cut steak with a fork and knife, appreciate said steak and know how to speak in an inside voice.  My 9 year old girl is at this point – my 3 year old boy, nowhere close, like not anywhere in the foreseeable realm of possibilities.

  • Know who has a full bar.  I’m kidding, kind of, but a strong cocktail might just be the only way to get through the meal with your smile intact.  Kid-friendly restaurants with a full bar are always top of my list, preferably ones that have a lot of tequila!

Naturally, Gabriel was a maniac at Red Lobster this afternoon.  He was hanging over the back of the booth, sticking his tongue out at the unfortunate group behind us.  He was totally hulking out and doing his loud growling clenched-face thing he loves to bust out in public.  He was force feeding his big sister, which she wasn’t having and all I could think is – “Lobster Punch, please!”

  • Know who has the best freebies.  One of the biggest causes of meltdowns at a restaurant is the time it takes to order and receive food.  Kids have zero patience, so I never go anywhere that doesn’t have excellent free bread that comes to the table right away.

Red Lobster has the best free bread – cheddar bay biscuits.  They are warm and buttery and full of flavor.  Most importantly, kids love them and they keep the kids quiet until their food can arrive.  This is key.

  • Know who provides entertainment.  Restaurants who hand out crayons and activity sheets are my favorite.  More and more upscale restaurants these days are catering to families by offering activities, just call and ask ahead of time.  Another option, of course, is to bring your own entertainment (coloring books, tablets, etc).

Of course, there is always the cocktail pick from you Lobster Punch that is quite entertaining as well…

Some spots will even go out of their way to entertain your kids, like Red Lobster where you can see live lobsters.  Gabe scooted so far back in the booth onto his sister when our server brought one to our table!

  • Know a kid-friendly place that serves lobster.  Eating out with kids doesn’t have to be burgers and fries.  Find spots that serve your favorite types of food so you will be more content.  These days, family friendly restaurants are found in every type of cuisine.  My favorite food is seafood so…

Red Lobster is a favorite haunt for me and my family.  Lobsterfest is happening currently and the menu is absolutely amazing.  My hubs and I could not avoid ordering the Dueling Lobster Tails because who doesn’t love lobster mac and stuffed lobsters?  This order gets you:

A roasted Maine lobster tail topped with langostino lobster mac-and-cheese, paired with two split Maine lobster tail medallions with our lobster-and-seafood stuffing. Served with mashed potatoes, roasted green beans and sundried tomatoes.

 Share your lobster-worthy moments on social media and include the hashtag #lobsterworthycontest for a chance to win prizes throughout Red Lobster’s Lobsterfest campaign!

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