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Halloween is by far our family’s favorite holiday. With our six year old reading at a pretty advanced level, we can increase the amount of Halloween books that she’s reading in order to start the Halloween mood! Check out these new Spooky releases from HarperCollins that will be sure to scare up some fun for your little ones!

A ghoulish spin on the classic Christmas rhyme, Halloween night is a story that is meant to set the stage. The illustrations in this book are like no other with animals, monsters and witches who are preparing for the trick-or-treaters to come to their party. But, their haunted house was just a little too successful and all the invited guests flee in terror. What would any good monster do? They of course had to dine on limbs, bugs and goo themselves!
Written by Marjorie Dennis Murray, illustrated by Brandon Dorman – Ages 4-8 – $16.99 

Hedgehug's Halloween

This was an adorable little read with creative pictures to keep you curious with every page turn. Hedgehug completely forgot about the Halloween party of the year and needs to scramble to find a costume. Each of his friends try and help him come up with a costume, but he runs into problems. Your little one will love seeing what happens…does Hedgehug find a costume in time or does he miss the party? Better start reading in order to find out!
Written by Benn Sutton, illustrated by Dan Pinto – Ages 4-8 – $9.99

monsters love colors

This is a book that your younger children will love. All of the different and bright colored monsters howl, grown and roar on the different pages. Mixing them together create new shades and hues. Each new (and colorless) monster wants to be their very own color and the primary colored monsters help make that happen by mixing what they have to create the perfect shades. It’s a fun and very colorful read.
Written and illustrated by Mike Austin Ages 4-8 – $15.99
Pinkalicious LOVES Halloween, but this year she is especially excited. With a Pinkagirl costume prepared, Pinkalicious can’t wait to dress up and trick-or-treat. But when a big storm makes the power go out the night before Halloween, the mayor sends out an emergency message cancelling the big day. Pinkalicious is devastated – how could this happen on her favorite day of the year? Fear not though, Pinkalicious has a plan to try and save Halloween, her brother doesn’t think it will work, but what do you think? Your kids will love this great plan and all of the fun stickers that are included! There’s enough sparkly pink candy for everyone.
Written and illustrated by Victoria Kann –  Ages 4-8 – $4.99
Splat the Cat and his friend Spike are visiting a spooky haunted house. Splat is worried… what if the haunted house is too scary? Spike tells him not to be a scaredy-cat. Will Splat and Spike be ready for each scary surprise? This story will be so easy for your kids to relate to. They all imagine that every bump in the night is something extremely scary! They’ll watch how Splat and Spike imagine the worst with every sound they hear and every scary thing they THINK they see. Your kids will get a good chuckle and realize that sometimes we are the ones who make things scarier than they really are. I adore this flap book!
Written and illustrated by Rob Scotton –  Ages 4-8 – $6.99 
It’s Halloween: the silliest and spookiest night of the year. And when Marley’s around, it’s also the messiest! This year, the family is throwing a Halloween party, and Marley wants to help with the preparations. But in typical Marley fashion, instead of helping he causes Halloween havoc! I’m fairly certain that Marley is created after my two children. I have a clean house and within seconds it’s like a tornado came through. It’s fun for my kids to see someone else making the mess!
Written by John Grogan, illustrated by Richard Cowdrey – Ages 4-8 – $9.99 
special thanks to harpercollins for providing samples to conduct these reviews

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