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The “P” phrase.  Potty training.  It brings about a certain kind of pang in a parents stomach, a cold sweat on the forehead and perhaps a rash of hives on the arms.  I dreaded the onset of potty training with my first child, specifically because I knew my brother had a hard time with bedwetting.  Would my daughter take to it quickly?  Would it last?  My mom did not have the convenience of items such as GoodNites Underwear and Bed Mats, but I do!

GoodNites products offer solutions to help parents manage nighttime bedwetting.  I went to Target to do a little shopping with my big helper.  She was armed with her reusable shopping bag and coupon (find that savings down below).

 manage nighttime bedwetting {GoodNites}  toddler potty training Potty kids bedwetting

Ooo!  Lucky break — they’re on sale.

 manage nighttime bedwetting {GoodNites}  toddler potty training Potty kids bedwetting

It’s said parents stop talking about bedwetting past age 5, as the typical potty training age comes to a close, but we shouldn’t end the conversation there.  Many children regress later on (as my daughter did) and more still keep on wetting the bed til middle school.  Somewhere between 5-7 million children are still bedwetting in the ages of 7-12 years old. My brother was one of those kids.

Poor kid.  Poor mom.  My brother wet the bed right up until puberty, making life hard for him and my parents.  Not being able to control his bedwetting (though he tried to stay up all night) my brother’s social life started to take a nosedive.  While his friends were having sleepovers in elementary school, my brother was at home.  It was a pretty traumatic thing for a young boy to get through, missing all those good times.

My mom — oh my poor mother — was changing the bedsheets every night and doing a lot of laundry.  She was making trips to his summer camps, changing out his wet sleeping bag for a matching dry one.  I know most parents wouldn’t have gone to those lengths, but she wanted to normalize his childhood the best she could.  If only she had a little help from GoodNites.

 manage nighttime bedwetting {GoodNites}  toddler potty training Potty kids bedwetting

GoodNites Bedtime Underwear are the most absorbent protection for boys and girls ages 4 and up.  While they may retain the qualities of diapers, they are discreet and look much more like a pair of regular underwear.  For extra discretion, a kid could certainly wear regular underwear over top of the GoodNites.  This may be helpful for self-esteem issues at times like sleepovers and camp outs.

These are not just training pants with cooler designs.  They are 40% more absorbent, offer better protection for bigger kid sleep positions and sizes, and, yeah, they look cooler.  Training pants are for toddlers.  The GoodNites Bedtime Underwear fits kids in clothing sizes 4-14.  They keep the bedding dry all night.  All night!  No middle of the night sheet changing and laundry needed.

 manage nighttime bedwetting {GoodNites}  toddler potty training Potty kids bedwetting

My daughter took to potty training rather quickly, staying dry through the night for a year or two.  All of a sudden at four years old, she regressed.  My husband and I were so shocked when she started to wet her pants again, specifically in the night.  It was a blow to our schedule.

We had never used the toddler training pants with her, as I feel they are too enabling.  During potty training, your kid (I believe) should have to deal with the discomfort of wet underwear after an accident.  Having that icky feeling and having to have their clothes changed is a motivator, a reason to become potty trained. This may not be a popular opinion, however it seemed to have worked out just fine.

But then the regression. 

Something was clearly wrong and we didn’t know what.  GoodNites Bed Mats are perfect for that situation.  It wasn’t every night, but it was often enough that a little bedding protection was needed.  Without a wet bed, she could have slept through the night.

We all could have slept through the night.

 manage nighttime bedwetting {GoodNites}  toddler potty training Potty kids bedwetting

These disposable mats are designed to fit a twin bed. My daughter has a full size bed and the bed mat is more than adequate for her — and she’s a toss and turner.  If you have a real wild sleeper, you could always turn them horizontal and place two on the bed.

 manage nighttime bedwetting {GoodNites}  toddler potty training Potty kids bedwetting

They are just as absorbent as the underwear and feature an adhesive side, which sticks to the fitted sheet.  They stick awesome, even after a night of tossing.  Surprisingly, they are also quite soft, taking on a cloth-like feel that matches the bedding.

 manage nighttime bedwetting {GoodNites}  toddler potty training Potty kids bedwetting

It seems the only advice I ever hear for parents of bedwetters is:

  1. Don’t let them have any liquids a couple hours before bed.
  2. Wake them up in the night to use the bathroom.

I don’t like the idea of either.  My advice to moms dealing with bedwetting kids?  Buy these two products and let it sort itself out, because it will.  Be supportive, positive, patient and reward, reward, reward on dry mornings.  Make sure they have potty time right before bed and keep the potty accessible as possible.  Maybe most importantly, don’t let the other kids tease the bedwetter!  I’m going to keep my advice in mind as my baby boy ventures into the dreaded potty training, which I dread a bit less now.

Purchase GoodNites Bedtime Underwear and Bed Mats at Target, but not before grabbing this $1.50 off coupon

 manage nighttime bedwetting {GoodNites}  toddler potty training Potty kids bedwetting

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9 thoughts on “manage nighttime bedwetting {GoodNites}

  1. Gena

    I have friends that woke their child up to potty at midnight…are you kidding me? That’s a ton of work, and if your kid is like mine, I do not disrupt his sleep for anything! Thankfully my older son only wet the bed a number of times, but I can already tell we’re going to need the bed mats for my 2nd son! They look awesome!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Right?! No way I could wake my daughter up once she is finally asleep :) There had to be a better way and here it is!

  2. MyKidsGuide

    I’ve been really lucky not to have to deal with this, but then again, it took my son until he was almost 4 to be potty trained anyway! These look like great products to help manage bed-wetting!

  3. Chelsea Day

    Glad to see someone talking about this because there are many kids that still wet the bed after age 5. We shouldn’t be ashamed or feel that as parents we failed. It just happens.

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