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girls apparel making mom envious {ilovegorgeous}

ilovegorgeous children's dressesWhen I first came across the British girl’s clothing company, ilovegorgeous, my heart skipped a beat or two.  In fact, it might have stopped for a few seconds–I know my breathing did.  I promised myself that I would write a thorough and honest review in very professional manner.  What I really want to do is write a gush post full of fluffy adjectives and exclamation points.  must maintain composure

If you are looking for a party dress for the upcoming holidays, the search is over.  If you are looking for fun playdate dresses, the search is over.  I have found the ultimate in whimsical, girly meets woman apparel with a lot of flair.  First, let me explain what I mean by “girly meets woman” because I just made that term up.  ilovegorgeous creates pieces of contemporary design with classic/vintage inspiration.  The current line is filled with dresses that are layered, poufy, puckered, sheer, velvety, twirl-inspiring, and majorly feminine.  However, the designs are tamed into classic pieces that draw from old world and new world fashion.  In a nutshell, you will want to apply a grow-ray to your daughter’s dress for yourself.  When my daughter’s dress arrived, I immediately was taken back in time to playing Barbies and wishing I could wear the swank apparel my Barbies were.  I know you all know what I’m talking about.

When I asked my daughter to pick out her favorite dress from ilovegorgeous, her eyes just kind of glazed over.  I knew she was experiencing the same jubulent shock that I had the first time I saw the collection.  I decided right then that I would have to narrow it down for her.  After some contemplation, I decided the best for the feature would be a season-appropriate party dress–ideal for any upcoming celebration.  My eyes kept coming back to the Gwyneth style dresses which draw inspiration from romantic designs from the 1970’s.  I really appreciated that while there are some major details to the dress, it is quite simple.  There are no add-ons or embellishments.  The star-printed dress has a shirred bodice and fluted sleeves–oozing that 1970’s romance.  There are two wonderful pockets at perfect height on the bottom that are ideal for the little trinkets girls happen upon.  I showed the dress to my daughter in several colors and I was overjoyed when she picked the mauve.  Mauve is such a great color for fall and winter.  I could see this dress being awesome for any party this season, even New Year’s Eve.

My mega feminine daughter gasped (literally) when the Mauve Star Gwyneth Dress arrived.  By the time I could ask her if she wanted to try it on, she was already shirking off her current outfit.  On, the dress was very flattering.  It hugs where it should, keeping form to the body, but flows everywhere else, creating movement.  I had barely finished tying the bow in the back before my daughter was off twirling down the hall singing in her high-pitched voice.  Needless to say, it was a hit.  She wore it out to meet her friends quite soon and the compliments were flying.  While we were at a simple brunch, the dress didn’t seem like overkill.  It is elegant enough for any celebration, but understated as well, fitting in at most places.  Versatility is key when it comes to children’s clothing, and these dresses offer just that.  Ilovegorgeous also sells separates, knitwear, coats, and nightwear.  Oh, and also a beautiful collection of apparel for babies.   My daughter happens to want to wear a dress every day, and that it fine with me.  A note about dresses–they are super easy for your child to slip on and off.  Just saying, it makes less work for mom, and they are always ready to go anywhere!  Keep reading for a discount code!

an actual overcast day in Palm Springs!

ilovegorgeous children's clothing

A little bit about ilovegorgeous:  “Ilovegorgeous was started in 2006 by friends Lucy Enfield and Sophie Worthington. Both mothers with a background in fashion, they realised that the only way to dress their children as they really liked was to do it themselves. 6 months after their first S/S collection was launched they could count Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Stella Tennant and Sam Taylor-Wood as their customers and Selfridges had opted for an exclusive on their first wholesale collection.”

And what is their inspiration?   “Ilovegorgeous was born out of a fascination with fabric, colour, trim silhouette and a little hint of sparkle. Fun and feminine, the aim of the brand is to make everyday and party wear for girls who love to be girls and aren’t afraid to show it.  We draw inspiration from everywhere – a slogan (peace and love), an icon ( Marie Antionette, Debbie Harry), a colour (so many beautiful hues), a night sky or a green green lawn. Everything makes us tick and we love to mix up colours and textures and trims to create beautiful unusual clothes that girls all over the world will treasure and love to wear.”

ilovegorgeous may be located in London, but they ship Worldwide, and that makes me happy.  Ilovegorgeous is generously offering our readers FREE shipping Worldwide with the coupon code: WWITKM11 until the end of November!  When ordering, I would say go up a size, not down.  The dress we reviewed ran pretty true to size, slightly on the smaller side.  If you happen to be in or near Notting Hill, London, please check out their sweet shop–I know I will the next time I cross the pond, where I will stock up big time.

Special thanks to ilovegorgeous for providing a product for review.

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