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Here in Palm Springs, the weather is absolutely perfect.  I wish I could just live in this moment forever where the sunny days meet cool nights.  This paradisiacal weather has been driving us outdoors and out-of-towners to us.  I knew it was time to update our central outdoor living space which is a covered patio.

Three rooms have sliding glass doors that open out onto this patio – meaning lots of glass for lots of little fingers to smudge.  If you have little ones around and a lot of glass, you too feel my pain.  No matter how many times I tell both my 10 year old and 4 year old that the handle is the proper way to open the doors, their hand prints still end up all over the glass.  Sometimes, nose prints too.

With this weather we are having, guests have been frequent, both local and from out of town.  When you have people coming over, your first thoughts are with cleaning, mostly indoor, but every great gathering ends up on the patio.  Not only did my dusty desert patio need a good cleaning, it also needed some major upgrades to handle company.  Here’s how to make your patio-guest ready this year.

Pops of color

The key to spicing up or just changing the look of your outdoor space is color.  If you’re really sick of your existing decor, do a 180 and switch your color palette this year completely.  If you’re like me and only had one color, add a complementary color that will make your space more inviting and cheerful.  Throw pillows are the perfect opportunity to add pops of color while providing extra comfort.

Another easy place to add color and comfort is a new outdoor rug.  I always look for woven plastic rugs because they are the easiest to clean (just hose it down) can take a lot of beatings from the elements/foot traffic and they are usually pretty inexpensive.  Since I was bringing orange in this year, I went with this bright, poppy orange mat and I couldn’t love it more.

Add seating

Of course, people are going to want a place to relax and enjoy the view/conversation.  All I had out back prior to now was a sectional that was all on its own.  A comfortable sectional is a great place to start; make sure to make it super comfortable with additional throw pillows in complementary colors.

Additional seating is a good idea and when we’re talking about a sunny outdoor space, loungers are where it is at!  I found these two amazing chair/ottoman loungers in a local furniture gallery here in Palm Springs.  Are they not the best?  They also gave me a chance to bring in more orange, which is my favorite color and I think works quite well with the existing turquoise.

Bring in life

You are already outdoors, so don’t forget to bring some plants onto the patio.  I bought these two awesome koi pots over a year ago, not sure what to put in them.  Well I just decided to transplant some of my firesticks I already had growing in my yard and they look so cool!  During the colder months, the tips turn orangey red, so they really fit my color scheme quite well.

This patio area is much improved, but still a work in progress.  I’m not sure what’s going to go in the corner where I have a sunning lounger stowed and I don’t know what I’m going to put on the walls… but it’s getting there.  To add pops of color and life to the back wall for now, I put in some potted palms.  They really make the space feel more put together and homey.


Here on the outskirts of a windfarm, in a valley between two mountain ranges, it is really windy. And since it is the desert, that wind brings a LOT of dust with it.  During the windy seasons (like spring) you have to see it to believe it.  The wind blows so hard, it can push your car off the road, no lie.  This means we are constantly cleaning our back patio area, including a pool (glad I pay someone to handle that!).  Sweeping is a daily chore and all of the glass?  Yeah, that needs the powerful help from Windex® Outdoor Glass & Patio Concentrated Cleaner.

I just learned about Windex® Outdoor Glass & Patio Concentrated Cleaner for the first time recently.  I didn’t know this miracle product existed but I will never be without it now!  It attaches to your garden hose, offering you a chance to rinse AND clean, depending on a little switch.  So now you can spray down your windows, doors, patio tiles, even your patio furniture and then rinse, all with the same setup.

Don’t Stand for Dirty!™ I don’t know if there is something that irks me more than a crystal clear door that has been covered in smudges and handprints, blocking my view to a gorgeous outside.  I am thrilled to have Windex® Outdoor Glass & Patio Concentrated Cleaner in my arsenal, but also love Windex® Original Glass Wipes for quick cleanups.  I keep a pack or two right on the patio, tucked away in a storage ottoman for easy access.

Find both of these Windex® products and more at your local Kroger.  They can be found in the cleaning product aisle with other glass and surface cleaners, brooms and mops. Keep in the know with Windex® on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Your patio is so inviting! I need to makeover my whole backyard area and this cleanup and makeover idea is just what I needed to get motivated. [client]

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