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healing irritated eczema skin naturally {Silver Sense}

Each and every day, I worry about and check the status of my six month old’s eczema. Some days it’s clear as can be. Other days she has major inflammations all over her torso, hands and cheeks. Eczema can be sore and extremely itchy, which is really hard for a baby to understand. All she knows is that she’s miserable. She’ll thrash around (to scratch) or suck on her hands. These things can just make it worse.Applying steroid creams and other topical products can help short-term with the inflammation, but the rash on your child will still bother them. What can you do as a parent to help them? Silver Sense is a company based out of the UK that developed a line of clothing for babies and children that can actually help ease the itching, inflammation and distress that the eczema or other skin conditions cause in a natural way.

Silver Sense clothing is made from soft cotton rich knitted fabrics blended with natural silver fibers. These silver fibers have a powerful antimicrobial property that actually helps to fight the symptoms of eczema and help soothe their irritated skin. How amazing is that! Their line of clothing ranges from pajamas to snuggly blankets and accessories. They actually have an entire line of bedding as well! Each and every item has the therapeutic healing silver fibers in them.

Silver Sense Unfortunately no one knows exactly what causes infant eczema. Some say that symptoms can be made worse by heat, dry skin or even chemicals in your laundry detergent. If your child suffers from this like mine, I’m sure you’ve run through an entire list of laundry detergents as well as body soaps and lotions to try and find one that’s gentle and doesn’t cause a flare up. If you’re a breastfeeding mom you’ve probably removed dairy and other items from your diet as well. It’s a slow and frustrating path to follow, I know, because I’m on this ride every day. Silver has been used for years to help prevent the spread of bacteria due to it’s antimicrobial properties. It’s been clinically proven to prevent inflammation and naturally calming itchiness and soreness.

Silver Sense clothing is made from Cotton rich knitted fabrics that are then blended with natural fibers of 99.9% pure silver. This means that the clothing you put on your children will actually help east the itchiness of their eczema and other skin rashes. It will also help to prevent their skin from breaking out further, in fact, it will begin to heal it. All without a single cream or ointment. Amazing, right? While the items can be a little on the expensive side, as a mother of a child who suffers, I can’t put a price on my child’s skin. You can always get one outfit and one pajama item and use them during outbreaks. Just keep washing them to use them over and over until the flare up is completely calmed and gone. There’s something to be said about healing your child’s skin without a single harsh chemical. I’m especially a fan of hor long the sleeves are. My daughter has terrible eczema on her hands and is always putting them in her mouth. Now these sleeves are long enough to cover her hands to heal them with the silver while also preventing her from putting them in her mouth!

Head over to Silver Sense to read more about their amazing clothing line and to purchase a few items for children. They have a lot of items on sale up to 60% off right now, so hurry!!


special thanks for the product supplied in order to conduct this review.

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