Game Day Quarterbacks {TeenyMates}

Some of you are cheering, gearing up for the first of a hopefully glorious NFL football season.  Others of you are groaning at the loss of your husbands and sons.  Either way, keep the kids content with some really adorable NFL toys like TeenyMates and Lil’ Teammates.


Making football a family fun event is a great fall tradition to have around, but sometimes the smaller kids get restless. Keep them excited and busy with these TeenyMates, one inch quarterbacks ready to go.  These little guys are too cute to not collect and are sold in mystery packs of two.  Along with the figures are puzzle pieces that can be assembled into a two-sided puzzle, which would look fun behind glass on a wall (once the season is over).  But during game time, use the field side to put your TeenyMates to work.  There are 32 quarterbacks to find, and also three bonus guys: Houston Oilers throwback QB, metallic gold QB and glow-in-the-dark QB. The TeenyMates are pretty small so keep it 4 years and up.  For bigger figures, try the Lil’ Teammates.  These are a collection of quarterbacks, running backs and linemen, all in active stance.  Collect your favorite team and their biggest rivals to have your own game at home.  Better yet, collect them all.

Both officially licensed NFL products are perfect for kids or football enthusiasts. They are also the only official NFL figures around.  Find the foil packs in Target and sports stores.

Product was provided by The Party Animal to facilitate this review.

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