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fruit on the go {FruitsMax}

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I imagine a fruit-filled tablet would be perfect for those who are not very balanced eaters. I happen to be a health aisle habitué, a fitness fanatic and nutrition nut.  I do eat lots of fruits and vegetables and so do my kids.  We always have a ton of fruit in the house, fresh and freshly frozen.  What we don’t always have an abundance of is time.

I’ll admit it.  Some days my daughter eats whatever she can cram in her belly as we run out the door.  It’s always healthy, but it isn’t always balanced.  And some days that pineapple on the counter or the berries in the fridge go bad before anyone actually gets to them.  How sad.  Some days I need some help, a cheat if you will.

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God cut me slack when he gave me my daughter, and I didn’t realize how much so until I had my son.  I mean sure, she has the attention span of a Tasmanian devil, she is stubborn and so extremely sassy, but she’s a good kid.  She was the perfect baby, sleeping through the night at just a few months, never fussed or cried without reason (not even during teething), rarely gets sick and always has been ready to learn and try new things, including foods.  I mean she is down for anything.

She’s the kid that stands in the kitchen while I’m cooking, eating raw mushrooms, peas and even raw onion… whatever is on my chopping board.  She shoots down wheatgrass shots and my health elixirs (full of lemon, vinegar and raw garlic) with nothing more than a puckered face.  I know, I’m lucky, I really am.

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But no matter how adventurous an eater I have, if I didn’t plan accordingly and we have 15 minutes to get dressed and out the door (which is often) we both need help.  FruitsMax is an amazing tablet full of 21 fruits and Narine probiotics — that’s it.  No preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and it is GMO free.

fruitsmax review in_the_know_mom

I’ve been talking a lot lately about cold and flu season.  No matter what, a healthy diet is the best defense and you know what they say — an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  FruitsMax is an easy way to get your fruits on the go to boost your immunity, regulate digestion and keep your body running smoothly.  According to John’s Hopkins University researchers, more than 89% of Americans do not consume their daily recommended amount of fruits — 89%!!  That’s nuts, especially when there are easy options like FruitsMax.

Between my daughter’s full schedule, my maniac 10 month old, work, blogging, homeschooling and my husband’s 72 hour work week… we don’t have a lot of extra time.  Just to make sure we’re all as healthy as can be, the three eldest are consuming FruitsMax, just one in the morning, one in the evening.  They taste like fruit, because they are fruit, so no issue with the kiddos!

FruitsMax review in_the_know_mom The fruits in FruitsMax are harvested in Armenia for their mineral rich volcanic soil — apricot, blackberry, peach, strawberry, raspberry, apple, prune, pear, quince, sea buckhorn berry, orange, cornelian cherry, persimmon, plum, white grape, red grape, mandarin, tomato, melon, pineapple and banana.  All freeze-dried using the same technology they use to make astronaut food.  The only other ingredient is Narine, the probiotics that stimulate good bacteria while the bad.

Containing 12 essential vitamins, 11 minerals, hundreds of phytonutrients and a good dose of antioxidants, FruitsMax is really a no brainer for you, for your kids, for your husband!  Learn more about FruitsMax online and sign up to receive a free bottle when you pay shipping and handling.  Sign up for their newsletter and receive and additional 15% off.

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fruitsmax review in_the_know_mom

**please note that by receiving the free bottle you are signing up for a monthly subscription. You will be charged for product + shipping the next month should you not cancel your service.  You may cancel at any time. I always appreciate having this heads up!

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