Be Fearless

fight poverty through art {Be Fearless}

 fight poverty through art {Be Fearless} print poverty charity art

Fresh Words Market, a socially-conscious modern art company has teamed up with the LIFT campaign to help eradicate poverty here in the US.  LIFT has worked to stabilize over 70,000 families already in communities around the country.  Now you can help the effort by purchasing a modern print for your home: Be Fearless.

 fight poverty through art {Be Fearless} print poverty charity art

In a country such as ours with so many resources and potential, poverty shouldn’t be a major issue.  LIFT believes this problem is not impossible to overcome and they have a clear plan to do so.  LIFT’s mission is to “help community members achieve economic stability and well-being by working one-on-one to find jobs, securing safe and stable housing, making ends meet through public benefits, tax credits, and obtaining quality referrals for services like childcare, education and healthcare.”  Seems like a pretty practical plan to me.

Fresh Words Market is described as “a line of modern art for the spaces where adults and children meet.”  Pleasantly contemporary, the pieces found in the market easily translate to the walls of your home, and with good cause.  10% of all prints sold goes towards women and children focused initiatives.

When you purchase the signed, limited edition Be Fearless print, though, 100% of the proceeds goes to LIFT.  The simple and modern 11 x14 print features birds in flight (representing courage and community) and a delightful color scheme.  You can find it in the Fresh Words Market for $30, a small price for a large impact, win-win!


 fight poverty through art {Be Fearless} print poverty charity art

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