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exploring outdoors when your kids have allergies

These tips for exploring outdoors with allergies are sponsored by Claritin.

If you know anything about our family, it’s that we love exploring the great outdoors. Nothing gets more in the way than outdoor allergies… okay, well maybe a broken toe. Our oldest daughter has grown into allergies, and while she seems to do okay here in the desert, when we stray from our valley, her allergies often flare up. Last spring during the superbloom spring we had, I noticed our youngest showing seasonal allergies as well.  I’ve read that seasonal allergies (aka hay fever) is worst in later childhood, so be prepared. To keep my kiddos breathing clear and in a traveling mood, we follow these tips I’ve picked up from the Smart Allergy Mom Toolkit™ by the makers of Claritin:

identify allergy triggers

Pay attention to when allergy symptoms kick into gear. You will be able to identify what allergen is causing the problem by the time of year. Many people only suffer seasonally (those who have year round allergies, God bless you) like pollen (flower, tree, grass) in the spring and molds/spores in summer. Then of course is ragweed in the fall. When you know what time of year your kids suffer from allergies, you can start allergy medication before it begins.

plan around the forecast

Spring and summer are often the times of year most families get outside the most, meaning pollen attacks. Dry, hot and windy days are often the worst for kids allergic to pollen – so try to plan trips after heavy rainfalls and avoid windy days. You can not only check the weather online, but also the pollen count.


shower it off

If you are out exploring during your child’s allergy season(s), have them shower when they get home. Allergens can cling to skin, hair and clothes, so rinse it all away to reduce their contact. Claritin puts it “keep the outdoors outside” and that is so right – take your shoes off at the door and never line dry clothes outside during allergen seasons.

keep treatments on hand

Never travel unprepared with allergy-susceptible children. Make sure to bring not only an allergy medication but also the items needed for symptom relief – like tissues, eye drops, throat lozenges and definitely children’s allergy medications.

What I’ve found that works for my kiddos is Children’s Claritin products – the #1 Pediatrician Recommended Non-Drowsy Oral Allergy Brand. I struggled with seasonal allergies so much as a kid back on the east coast and Claritin was a brand I depended on. Now that I am a mom with my own kiddos, I’m happy to reach for Children’s Claritin on my biweekly trips to Walmart. We can’t cure allergies but we can treat the symptoms so kids are excited about getting outside – no matter what time of year.

Check out the Smart Allergy Mom Toolkit™ by the makers of Claritin to help you understand your kids’ allergies. Learn how to tell if you kids have allergies (or is it a cold) and how to manage them. Our family only has concerns with outdoor, seasonal allergies but allergies can happen at home, year-round. Children’s Claritin can help with it all.

On the drive from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree, I stopped in the Yucca Valley Walmart to restock our Children’s Claritin supply. Have you seen the available options now? I know kids can be picky with their medicine preference, so I love having options – Children’s Claritin Chewables 24-hour non-drowsy allergy medicine in grape and bubblegum flavors (my kids love the grape) is an easy way to keep up with allergies on the go. This is for ages 2 and up. For your older kiddos, ages 4+, another on the go option (no water needed) is Claritin RediTabs for Juniors 12-hour allergy medicine.

For the kids who rather syrups, great to keep at home, you can find Children’s Claritin Syrup for all-day non-drowsy allergy relief. The flavor is pleasant and it is dye free, sugar free and alcohol free. This is for ages 2+  and I keep it in my arsenal of medicines at home.

So don’t let  your kids’ seasonal allergies get in the way of your family travels. Go outside, hit the road and explore our beautiful country. Before you do, get prepared at Walmart, where you can find all of your allergy medicine and treatments from tissues and cough drops to Children’s Claritin  – but first, grab this coupon for $3 off Children’s Claritin at Walmart!

where will you explore next?


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