Eco-Friendly Flashlights For Kids {Ecotronics}

ecotronics kids flashlightsI am all about trying to be eco-friendly as much as I can when purchasing toys for my children, such as using rechargeable batteries or staying away from electronics all together and focus more on manual toys. A recent find that really caught my eye was a flashlight that requires no batteries. The Ecotronic flashlight operates by squeezing a trigger on the side with your hand.   They come in many different animal varieties (zoo and farm) that kids will absolutely adore. When my daughter received her duck flashlight, she wouldn’t put it down. Who would have known that the extra man-power required to make the light function would be such a glowing hit in the eyes of a small child?

I was very surprised at how long the light lasts. We got hours of light after the last squeeze of the trigger. This flashlight will be a staple when we pack for overnight stays out of the home. It is the perfect night time companion for a child who is afraid of the dark. When your child feels uneasy, they can simply reach over and grab their friendly flashlight to chase the bumps in the night away. No more uncertainty when spooky shadows lurk in the night.

The only difficult decision you will have is deciding on which character to choose. The price is right and so is the idea. I just wish it was made a little tougher for smaller children. We had no issues with it breaking, but I feel that if it was thrown onto a hard outside surface, it may crack or even bust. I loved ours too much to try!

Purchase an Ecotronics Hand Crank Children’s Flashlightvia Amazon.

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