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easy DIY LEGO beach table

It’s 6 AM and I’m stepping out of bed… ouch! a LEGO under my foot.  It’s 6:02 and I’m walking to the bathroom… yeow! a LEGO between my toes.  Sound familiar?  We must have tens of thousands of LEGOS in our house, which I love (except for when they are stuck in my foot) because they are fabulous for inspiring creative play and abstract thought.  There are no limits to what your kids can create with LEGOs!

Every Christmas and birthday brings new LEGO kits for both kids, but sometimes the most fun part of LEGOs is creating from the imagination… no instructions needed.  The LEGO® Classic is an awesome place to start when you want to have an imaginative build day.  This LEGO product contains a wide variety of brick shapes in 35 different colors, including tires and wheel rims.  Houses, vehicles and animals are all possible with LEGO Classic, as your child discovers his/her creative building skills.  There are ten LEGO Classic sets available, ranging from $16.99 to $59.99, make the perfect solution for gift-givers looking to add to an existing LEGO collection or start a new one!

With the LEGO Creator, you get a booklet with ideas of things to build.  Savannah couldn’t wait to start building the ideas, which are great jumping off points that inspire creativity.  For example, Savannah first made the alligator, which is so totally adorable and looks great on her new DIY beach to ocean table (more on that later).

The alligator then inspired her to make a whale on her own.  He clearly needed a sea friend.  I think he turned out pretty cute!

Since we were doing a beach/ocean theme, Savannah dug through her thousands and thousands of LEGOs to find a pirate.  I mean, what is a LEGO ocean without a pirate?  Nothing.  His pirate ship may really be a raft and his parrot may be a canary, but you get the idea!  Also, he’s holding a pitchfork?  Maybe a trident?

Then of course, if there is a pirate, there has to be Native Americans in a canoe.  That’s just common sense.  And, where there are Indians, there must be a sheriff on a horse.  See how things just snowball when you’re playing LEGOs?!

My kids could both play with LEGOs all day and have been known to do just that.  I’ll be the first to admit, I love playing right along with them.  They are pretty addictive!  Lately, I have been very into creating LEGO work stations, which are very easy and require only a few items.  For this particular table, Savannah wanted an ocean scene, so what I needed was tan and blue LEGO baseplates.  I already had an old IKEA lack table that was pretty beat up, so naturally, it was repurposed into a LEGO work station.  New life for an old table – love it.  Other than the table and plates, all I needed to complete the DIY was something sharp (exacto knife or box cutter will do) and something sticky (super glue is perfect).

The best way to cut the LEGO baseplates is to stack two together with the part you want to cut off sticking out.  The top plate will give you the straight line guide.  Score a line with a blade – after a few scores, you will be able to bend the plate piece and snap it off.  Easy peasy!

After covering the top of your table, consider going further.  Glue baseplates on the side, down the legs, heck, you can even glue them to the bottom of the table and build downwards.  How fun, right?  After I had my beach and ocean top done, my daughter suggested we glue a “road” around the sides with black baseplates.  Next, I think we will glue green plates down the legs and grow some LEGO plants!

How do you LEGO?  LEGO Master Builders and Upright Citizens Brigade Experts recommend encouraging kids to start with a tall building.  Build a rainbow skyscraper if you want, straight to the ceiling.  Tall buildings are a good way to warm up to building.  Then start to build what’s around you, like what you see in the kitchen or outside.  The details are unimportant, just build what you see in the same general colors and shapes.  From there, the sky is the limit!

Check out the Upright Citizen Brigade video for more inspiration and ideas with the LEGO creator kits!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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