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grab life by the hair {Batiste dry shampoo}

 grab life by the hair {Batiste dry shampoo} mom hospital bag haircare hair products beauty

 grab life by the hair {Batiste dry shampoo} mom hospital bag haircare hair products beauty I don’t know what I did before dry shampoo.  I really don’t.  Luckily, I no longer have to settle for a ponytail on days in between hair washings.  You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday as it strips moisture and wrecks your salon color, and with a brand new baby on his way, everyday washing and blowouts just are not in my near (or distant) future anyway.  I know I am not alone here.  Dry shampoo was invented for moms, the busy, put everyone else first moms who want to retain a bit of style.

In anticipation of my son’s arrival, I have my hospital bag packed and ready to go.  There are a few key items in there that I did not bring with me last time, items I will be sharing with you, dear readers.  One new item that I foresee making the hospital stay a lot better is Batiste dry shampoo.

Batiste is an aerosol can of dry shampoo, that when sprayed onto the hair roots, instantly refreshes and rejuvenates.  The spray is a powder really that absorbs oils built up in the roots,  and also throughout the length.  It gives body and lift, making it easy to actually have a style between washings.

So, how does it work?  Depending on your level of greasiness, lift your hair by sections and spray at the roots.  I do this some days with a rat tail comb, some days just with my fingers.  Hold the can about a foot away from your hair.  This is important unless you want a lot of white powder to brush out.  Massage the sprayed areas with your fingers, distributing the product and encouraging absorption.  Now is when you brush, brush, brush.  Light blondes will have to brush less than the dark breeds to rid any white powder left behind, but either way it really isn’t too big a deal.  Then, style.

On a humorous note, I first tried Batiste wearing all black (as you will find me most days this pregnancy) and I sprayed it much too close to my head.  Sometimes even reviewers don’t read the directions first.  This resulted in a lot of white, which as I brushed out landed on my black maternity wear.  Not great.  Now I follow the directions.

Once you have used Batiste, you won’t just use it in crisis mode, aka I haven’t had a shower in two days and I have to be seen by people that did not come from my loins.  No, you will start using Batiste regularly to make it easier to style in larger coifs!  It is perfect to pump up your style later in the day, even on a washing day.  Not only will it make your hair look better, but also smell better!  It’s really exciting to me, can you tell?

I’m loving the new Cherry scent but there are many to choose from, and all in beautiful vintage inspired cans.  They seriously look so chic tucked away in your bag or out on the vanity.  Besides cherry, there is wild, blush, fresh, tropical, lace and original.  There is also Light & Blonde, Medium & Brunette, and Dark & Deep Brown.  These are colored sprays for those who do not want to contend with the white spray, but like I said before, it is easily taken care of with a little practice.

Purchase Batiste  grab life by the hair {Batiste dry shampoo} mom hospital bag haircare hair products beauty , the UK’s #1 dry shampoo online and try it dry

 grab life by the hair {Batiste dry shampoo} mom hospital bag haircare hair products beauty

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