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Where my cat people at? This past fall we adopted the cutest pair of kittens, one orange and one black. Over the months, they have grown to become a true part of our family and we couldn’t love them much more (okay, I’d love the orange one more if he’d stop throwing up on my couch). I am eternally grateful to our local shelter for keeping them safe prior to me bringing them home. While I don’t see us rescuing any more kittens any time soon, we can still help other kitties in the shelters thanks to the Litter For Good™ program  – learn more below!

For every green jug of Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® purchased, another pound of litter is donated to a shelter. There are so many great shelters out there, making a difference every day, and they need our help to go on. Many are struggling to keep the shelter even open. If you know of a great shelter local to you – nominate them to receive a litter donation!

Both Jake (above) and Lilith (FKA Marceline, below) were rescued and housed by a local shelter. One was found on the street and the other by an abandoned house fire. They are clearly not related as Jake looks a lot like a Maine Coon, but were the same age when they were brought to the shelter. One day, I was at a pet supply store checking out (buying worms and crickets for our bearded dragon) and the shelter had a booth of kittens set up at the door. I couldn’t resist taking a peek and there they were… the cutest orange and black kittens all curled up together.

I knew I couldn’t get one without the other, and after a few texts and photos and heart eye emojis to my husband, they were coming home with me. What I love the most about them is how different they are. Jake, the orange one, is super feisty, playful, stubborn and adventurous. Lilith, the black one, is calm, cautious and super needy for affection. At the end of the day, though, they are both the same – looking for a warm body to curl up next to (usually mine!).

What I didn’t know at the adoption was that these two kittens would become very important to us. Our dog Chloe, just a week maybe after, had to leave our home. It was devastating for the entire family, but we had to surrender her after she attacked our 4 year old. She was a sweet soul, but unfortunately struggled with PTSD from abuse as a puppy. She has now been re-homed with a loving (child-free) family so she is fine, but we missed her. These two kittens really helped the kids in this process; they helped me as well.

With two growing kittens in the house, I’m always buying litter. I made the switch to Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light Ultimate Care® specifically for this initiative and I love it! I was really unhappy with our prior litter which was overly perfumed – like I could smell it from the other room (!!) and it didn’t clump well with pee. So needless to say, I was happy to try a new litter, and win-win, I also get to help millions of kittens at the same time.

Make the switch to the green jug! Don’t forget to nominate your local shelter, the one who rescued the kittens/cats you now call family. To do this, head to Cat’s Pride® Litter For Good and sign up for the free Cat’s Pride® Club. In the club, you’ll also find valuable coupons and incentives throughout the year, as well as updates on the program donations and shelter highlights.

Ready to help? Find Cat’s Pride® Fresh & Light® litter in the green jug at a local retailer near you. I can find it all over town, so you won’t have to look far!

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