DIY Yarn Wall Hanging tutorial {design}

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We moved into our home this past January, but I couldn’t decide on paint colors until very recently.  I have been waiting to design and decorate the house until after the paint went up – now I have no excuse! I wanted to start with my bedroom and since the walls were totally bare I decided to make a wall hanging piece. I bought a surplus of yarn, a dowel, a bit of leather and went to work, but we’ll get to that tutorial a little later.


This wall hanging is just the start to my bedroom design, which will have a natural feel.  Bringing outdoor elements in is important to me, especially those with a desert theme (as the desert feels like home).  Fire, a wonderful element, in candle form is so relaxing and one or seven is necessary, especially in the bedroom.


Candles set a relaxing mood better than anything and I love to watch candlelight flicker on the wall.  The scent is also important and the new Glade® Blue Odyssey™ Large Candle smells absolutely amazing – fresh and floral yet well rounded with notes of amber, musk and woods.  The Glade® Blue Odyssey Large Candle is a candle both my husband and I can agree upon and enjoy.  Plus, this new candle is larger and burns up to 60 hours!


I use the new Glade® Blue Odyssey™ Large Candle as my reading nook candle.  My reading nook is a bit of a sacred space for me. My family knows that if I’m in the nook, I’m off duty.  It is important to have a space like this where the busy world can be shut out.  I open a good book, brew some fantastic tea and light my candle … and disappear.


Let’s get to the DIY wall hanging!

My mom has always told me I was born in the wrong time.  Clearly, I was meant to be a flower child and my years traveling around in the jam band circuit are all the proof needed.  Moving to the Palm Springs desert 6 (7?) years ago has influenced my personal and home style quite a bit and it seems to go quite well with my hippie inclinations.   So this past week when I was deciding what to do in my bedroom reading nook, a DIY wall hanging seemed like just the right thing – a bit bohemian with a natural feel.

diy wall hanging tutorial

This is a simple project, and if you can braid, tie knots and lounge around, you can do this.  It’s a great DIY to do while catching up on TV shows… totally mindless!  You could use a whole variety of colors, or go with one similar shade as I did.

diy wall hanging tutorial bohemian yarn

Especially if you are going with one color, make sure to grab a variety of textured yarn.  I used 6 different types of yarn ranging from basic to wool to chenille.  Adding different textures will really give your wall hanging a more rustic, 3D feel.

diy yarn wall hanging #Feelinvigorated

Try braiding singes, braiding three and then braiding them together; try knotting in varied places; try braiding and knotting together.  Try a tassel or three!  I looked to Martha for that tutorial – really easy!

diy yarn tassel wall hanging

Another way to add great texture is to unravel the yarn.  Unraveling gives the hanging a more worn look, which is what I was going for (rustic, natural and imperfect).  You can choose to trim the bottom for an even look, but I wanted mine uneven to keep with the imperfect feel.  Imperfect is beautiful.

diy yarn wall hanging tutorial #Feelinvigorated

To start, cut a “guide piece” that is double the length you want your yarn pieces to hang.  Keep in mind that braiding and knotting will require extra length.  Use this guide to cut the rest of your yarn.  I used about 4-10 lengths of yarn for each design.  Once you have enough yarn chosen, fold it in the middle and place that loop behind a dowel (or tree branch).  Pull the loop down over the front of the dowel, pull all the hanging yarn through the loop and pull tight.

diy yarn wall hanging tutorial bohemian

Do you add your favorite candle to your favorite nooks at home? Find the new Glade® Blue Odyssey™ Large Candle at Walmart in the candle aisle.  If you need an extra incentive, buy 2 Glade® Blue Odyssey™ Large Candle (9.2 oz. size) at Walmart and receive a $5 virtual gift card! <– amaze with this rebate offer.

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    The wall hanging is absolutely gorgeous! And I adore the reading nook.

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