{DIY} pipe cleaner bubble blower

It’s a very hot day (typical) in Palm Springs, CA.  It seemed like a bubble blower day so I went in the garage to grab it and the tub of bubble blower syrup.  After mashing the button for a couple minutes while my bare feet burned on the searing hot balcony, I realized the bubble blower was dead.  New batteries (why does it take 6?) didn’t work and sadly, a life lesson was learned.  Don’t mash buttons (especially on items made in China).  Anyhoo, my daughter was all amped up for some bubbles so I knew I had to come up with a solution.  I remembered a DIY I read on making pipe cleaner blowers and a light bulb went on.  For some reason, I have an excess of unused pipe cleaners that live in my daughter’s craft house (long story) so I mangled a few into heart wands and away we went.  This worked like a charm and my daughter was making massive bubbles.  Check out the results:

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