DIY Halloween Candy Chum Bucket + a SpongeBob costume

Holy geez, I cannot believe it is the middle of October already!  You wouldn’t know it here in Palm Springs where the day highs are still 100, but regardless, we are all SUPER excited for Halloween and everything else that goes along with fall.  A favorite character in our home is SpongeBob, which, not going to lie, I even watched when I was in high school.  It is a show that transcends age, no? = )  Anyway, a couple of days ago Savannah and I headed to Party City to get everything we needed to make a super cool SpongeBob costume and DIY chum bucket.

diy chum bucket

diy spongebob kids costume for girls

Party City just recently came to Palm Springs and I was pretty thrilled about it.  As a blogger who creates a lot of recipes, crafts and party plans, party supply stores are indispensable.  Of course, they do not disappoint for Halloween and our huge store had a great selection of options.  Savannah went into total hysterics when she found the SpongeBob Glasses…

I mean, they are super hilarious.

diy girls spongebob costume

Right next to the glasses were these insanely cute leg warmers.  They were an obvious must-grab and so into the cart they went.  Leg warmers are an awesome addition to any Halloween costume, especially in cooler climates.

diy spongebob costume girls

We were not sure what we were going to do about the main part of the costume.  Savannah is 8 and definitely is a girly girl with a tomboy spirit.  This gal needs a little frill, so when I suggested the “boy” SpongeBob shirt, she looked at me like I had a second head.  That’s when the tutu idea came about.  Party City has a huge selection of tutus for kids and adults, so finding a red tutu was no sweat.  There wasn’t an exact “SpongeBob yellow” option, so red seemed like the next best direction.

diy spongebob costume girls kids

Of course, Banana needed something for her head, so the Ponytail Headband joined the costume.  How ridiculously cute is this?  At our Party City, there are giant sections of accessories organized by color, so there are a ton of other yellow options from sunglasses and boas to wigs and gloves.

diy girls spongebob costume

The only part of the Halloween costume that felt missing was the trick-or-treat bag.  We are only doing a light trick-or-treating this year and are, instead, having a party and handing out candy to other kids.  What better than a Chum Bucket to hold all of the candy to pass out?!  This adds an extra special touch to any SpongeBob themed costume, whether for hauling trick-or-treat candy or to hold pass-out candy!

diy chum bucket

What you need to make your Halloween Chum Bucket:

  • metal bucket with handle
  • sticker letters

It doesn’t get any easier than that!  I used a galvanized bucket I previously distressed with toilet bowl cleaner.  The tutorial is here on the blog!

diy chum bucket

 Twitter party

On October 15 at 6 pm PST, jump in on the Nickelodeon #SpooktacularSweeps party!  There you will have the chance to win a $100 Amex gift card and other prizes!

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