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disposable toilet seat covers {PottyCover}

PottyCover Toilet seat cover Potty time outside the house is stressful.  Lucky for me, my daughter avoids it like the plague, but there are times when it is unavoidable.  Places like airports, zoos, theme parks, and just all day errand-running will eventually lead to potty breaks.  Even a road trip makes for unsanitary rest stop potty breaks.  It will happen.

My first instruction to my daughter when we enter any public bathroom is a low key, yet with frantic undertones, “don’t touch anything!”   Perhaps this slight mania is the reason why my daughter will wait til the last minute to opt into public restrooms.  As she marches into the stall, I see the flimsy paper seat covers and I cringe.  See, with kids, they just don’t sit and stay still.  They grab the sides for balance, kick their feet and grip the front using their legs…it’s maddening.  I’ve trained my daughter to pretty much use the potty with her arms straight up in the air while I support her.  Since turning 5, she is wanting a little less support from mom so I went on a hunt for help.

I have tried various public potty products, all with their downsides.  I did my best to be green but the reusable ones, I just couldn’t handle the ick factor.  Hello, PottyCover.  Finally, a toilet seat cover that provides a cleaner and safer environment for my daughter.  You will not find any better, short of sticking her in a bubble.

Here are the key features:

– waterproof barrier between the toilet and your child

– over-sized design covers the sides and front of toilet

– soft non-woven fabric for comfort on top, coated with plastic on the bottom to keep germs and wetness away

– individually wrapped for parents on-the-go

Perfect, right?  The cover actually creates an entire barrier around the seat, sides, even front, keeping your child from touching any part of the toilet.  It doesn’t slip around and it isn’t just flimsy paper.  The cover is waterproof so any ickiness left on the toilet before them is kept at bay.  Hooray!

In one zipped bag, you receive six disposable, individually wrapped toilet seat covers.  They are simple to use and require no clips or adhesive strips to stay put.  When you child is done, dispose of the cover in the trash receptacle–do not flush.   We tried these out for the first time at lunch yesterday and I was absolutely thrilled.  So much so, I used one for myself.  Shhhhh

No more worries for you potty training parents (or soon to be).  I know my biggest fear during that time was public restrooms.  I wish I had the PottyCover during that time period.  Purchase your own PottyCover – Disposable toilet seat covers at just $5.99 for a package of six.  These are a must have for every diaper bag of a potty training/trained child, especially ones who like to travel!  One parenting nightmare solved.

Product was provided to facilitate this review.

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