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bobee diaper wipes dispenserWhat two things do you reach for the most with a newborn? Diapers and wipers.  Keeping these items handy is a really good idea which is easily achieved with the Bobee.  The Bobee is a customizable diaper and wipe dispenser you install right by the changing station. Handy dandy.

I love to refill things.  There is an OCD satisfaction that comes along with stock-piling necessities and emptying them into neat containers.  This applies to the automatic soap pumps, the canisters of flour and now, diapers.  We’ve all been there: baby is crying on the changing pad, the dirty diaper is off and you reach for the fresh diapers only to find there are none there.  Now you have to scamper to find another package to rip open.  As fast as possible.  With the Bobee diaper stacker you can see when your supply is running low so you are less likely to run into this unfortunate problem.  Every second baby saves from the changing table, the better it is for everyone.

Besides the convenience of the Bobee diaper caddy, my favorite part about this cool product is the ability to customize it to your nursery.  The Bobee arrives a clean slate.  It is up to you to decorate it with the reusable decals provided.  There are polka dots of different sizes and styles in blue, pink, green, yellow and brown.  My daughter and I had a good time figuring out which ones to use and where to place them, the end resulting in a customized Bobee.  This led me to think about other options of decals you could use to really match the existing decor.  I think I will try that theory soon!

Easy to install, we had our Bobee up on the wall within 5 minutes (screws into the wall stud).  Since we are expecting our son, we filled it with newborn diapers and found it held a good 50 diapers and there is a lot of room for growth.  The Bobee clearly can hold all sizes, and once we get past the initial newborn shock, I plan to keep my cloth diaper inserts in there for easy reach.  Yes, the Bobee works for cloth diapering as well!  I know, exciting right?  My biggest concern before actually trying the Bobee was that the wipes would dry out in the dispenser.  I threw a pack in there and realized they really didn’t, and newborns require wipes so often it would be a non-issue anyway.

The Bobee Diaper and Wipe Dispenser can be purchased at Amazon for $39.99 so make sure to add it to your baby registry!

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Product was provided by Bobee to facilitate this review.

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  1. Stacy
    December 6, 2012 at 3:18 pm — Reply

    Love this! What a great diaper caddy and better way to organize my changing table.

  2. December 6, 2012 at 6:58 pm — Reply

    This is not only super cute but it’s such a fab idea! I LOVE the Diaper Caddy and always excited when I see moms who make products that make my life easier :) Awesome.

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