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deliver us from horrid hospital gowns {Gownies}

 deliver us from horrid hospital gowns {Gownies} pregnancy nursing maternity hospital delivery

I am happy to report little baby Gabriel has arrived, ten fingers, ten toes.  It was a shockingly smooth labor and I am still in awe I actually get to keep this beautiful, sweet little boy! I am also happy to report that in his first glance of me I was not wearing the shabby hospital gown that plagues delivery rooms across the country.  Instead, I had on my pretty paisley delivery gown from Gownies, a real big hit around Labor & Delivery.

With each new nurse to pop by my room, there were compliments for my Gownies delivery gown.  Most of them thought I was an amazing seamstress who crafted not only a functional and beautiful gown, but also a matching pillowcase and headband.  I wish this were the case, that I was that talented a crafter, but alas I am not.  Each nurse was intrigued to learn of the Gownies company, one even making a note for her pregnant friends.

This is one of my favorite parts about running In The Know Mom with Erin.  We get to teach so many moms or friends of moms about awesome companies and their products, things they made not have learned of on their own.  Gownies is just one of those companies that I’m proud to spill the beans on, and I’ll tell you why now.

 deliver us from horrid hospital gowns {Gownies} pregnancy nursing maternity hospital delivery

It is common knowledge that the standard issue hospital gown is created from less than organic materials.  They are not the softest material up against the skin and they definitely are not the most stylish.  Then there is the issue of fit.  That one size fits all statement is never quite true, now is it?

There are a few companies around who offer a more tailored look in the delivery room, and I have tried more than this one.  Let’s just say there is a fine line between looking cute and looking high maintenance.  With giving the right impression to these priceless L&D nurses high on my importance list, I was acutely aware of this fine line.  After doing a good amount of research, I determined Gownies to have the highest marks in all categories: look. feel and impression.

Gownies offers hospital and delivery gowns that have a similar shape to the standard issue gown, but instead of ties there are snaps, giving you complete coverage when you need it.  There are also two rows of snaps on the front that give access for medical examinations, breastfeeding and that first hour of skin to skin contact (isn’t that the best?!)  The last thing you want to do is over-complicate the gown and make it difficult or annoying for the doctors and nurses on staff, Gownies won’t hinder any exam or procedure you may need.

 deliver us from horrid hospital gowns {Gownies} pregnancy nursing maternity hospital delivery

During a time when you are feeling such anxiety, comfort is key.  Bringing a gown from home that you’ve washed and handled is quite comforting and offers a bit of familiarity.  Pair this with a matching pillow and headband to complete the look.  I brought my favorite can’t-live-without pillow from home stuffed inside the Gownie’s pillowcase and it was one of the best decisions ever.  What a difference the pillow made, and in a soft, organic case that wasn’t part of my bedroom set — perfection.

The Gownies delivery gown is easy to motor around in, providing ample space and great design.  It is made from soft cotton that after one washing is comfy for labor and lounging in afterwards.  They are also great for c section recovery if this applies to you.  Probably the most obvious upside is the design choices available.  There are many to choose from and how much better do they photograph than the standard issue?? This is definitely a time when photos will be taken, photos you will look back on and cherish — wear something cute.

Gownies come in sizes S/M, L/XL and XXL and retail starting at $30, the price going up for organic.  I wore the Pretty Paisley Delivery Gown in organic cotton, coming in a set with the matching pillowcase.  This set retails for $62.98 but it currently on sale for $59.99.  Don’t forget to pick up a matching headband and some really cushy delivery socks.  You also have the option to personalize your gown with monogramming for $12.99.

 deliver us from horrid hospital gowns {Gownies} pregnancy nursing maternity hospital delivery

Product was provided by Gownies to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.


 deliver us from horrid hospital gowns {Gownies} pregnancy nursing maternity hospital delivery

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