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Australian Sheepskin Cuddle Bear {Elks & Angels}

Every so often you come across the perfect first gift for baby.  It isn’t a trinket that is meant for mom’s curio cabinet, but rather an item that baby can cherish from day one.  This is the case with Elks & Angels’ Cuddle Bear.  Super soft, high quality plush, the Cuddle Bear is 100% Australian sheepskin and has an heirloom, classic-modern appeal.  As I eagerly await the arrival of my son, the Cuddle Bear has crept from his crib to my bed, a super soft reminder of the joy to come.

 Australian Sheepskin Cuddle Bear {Elks & Angels} toy plush infant HGG baby gift baby shower baby

Elks & Angels mission statement is “designed as nature intended – built for modern living” and that about sums it up.  With attention paid to high quality craftsmanship, Elks & Angels products will withstand babies and toddlers through their most terrorizing of phases.  Despite its durability, the products are insanely soft and delicate due to the nature of Australian Sheepskin.  Australian Sheepskin naturally breathes and is anti-bacterial.  It also is flame-retardant, hypoallergenic and is resistant to dirt and static electricity.  In other words, absolute perfection up against your little baby’s sensitive, new skin.

The Cuddle Bear comes in three colors: Honey, Buttermilk and Latte.  With a generally flat design, this plush is not only meant for cuddle-time but creates a nice place for baby to lay his head upon.  Just look at how happy the beauty is above lying on a pile of these luxurious bears.  The simple details of the bear, eyes and nose, are baby safe and sit sunken into the sheepskin.  There is also a velvet ribbon securely attached.  Not only will this become baby’s favorite comfort plush, but yours as well.  So pleasant to the eye, you will find a way to include it in every photograph you snap of your wee one.  And since it is 12″x10″ it can be loved by your child as they develop into a toddler and beyond.

Never can there be enough Australian Sheepskin, you will soon see this to be true.  Cuddle up this winter with Elks & Angels’ Snuggle Pod, an Australian Sheepskin cover and muff for your stroller.  The magical properties of this fiber will keep baby toasty through the season, clear to warm weather where it will cool and regulate temperature (pretty impressive, I know).  The Snuggle Pod creates a womb-like space for your baby to travel in and once you reach your destination, the pod unzips into a soft playmat.  For the warmer times, the Snuggle Pod’s top layer can be removed leaving a perfect moisture-wicking, cool backing.  This is one multitasking item to add to your must-have luxury items list.

This holiday season, the Cuddle Bear is a clear choice for the new baby in your life.  Simple design is most always the best, especially for gifts, and the Cuddle Bear is just that.  It will enhance any nursery and become a treasured piece of childhood.  Keep in the know with Elks & Angels by liking them on Facebook.

Product was provided by Elks & Angels to facilitate this review.


 Australian Sheepskin Cuddle Bear {Elks & Angels} toy plush infant HGG baby gift baby shower baby

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