fresh kicks for your boo {Bobux Baby Shoes}

 fresh kicks for your boo {Bobux Baby Shoes} toddler shoes eco friendly baby apparel

 fresh kicks for your boo {Bobux Baby Shoes} toddler shoes eco friendly baby apparel With a huge selection of baby shoes out in the world, there’s one quality that I currently hold above all: their staying power. Because what’s the point of having fancy schmancy shoes if they’re just going to be kicked off before you can get out the door? I introduce to you to Bobux, the super-cute soft sole shoes that refuse to stand down to relentless kicking and crying.

These crib shoes are crafted out of soft leather and suede, allowing feet to function properly and grow without restrictions. This material keeps feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There’s no fiddling with velcro or tying laces, but instead these shoes stay on with a strip of elastic well hidden under the top layer. They’re ideal for babies learning to crawl or walk, and that’s the exact category my son fits. He isn’t walking yet, but he does enough standing and scooting to need something on his little feet. Usually if we’re out and he’s wearing shoes I have to be extra attentive, because any false move, nudge, or slight breeze means a missing shoe. But Bobux has designed their shoes in such a way that they stay on amazingly well (like a second skin). Despite being a little too big, they have yet to be kicked off when fighting with the carseat, cling to feet when being picked up out of the play center, and of all things, they stay on when I’m too lazy to take off his shoes for a diaper change. That’s right, they even stay on going through pant legs! fresh kicks for your boo {Bobux Baby Shoes} toddler shoes eco friendly baby apparel

But it’s not that they just stay on, Bobux shoes are really cute, too. I chose the Beige Fox pair as a good neutral and go-to shoe for most outfits, and they’ve gotten a ton of wear. Granted, they’ve gotten the normal leather wrinkles on the toes and the soles have darkened around the edges, but these are minor aesthetic changes and don’t interfere with the quality of these shoes. But when the shoes get grimy you can toss them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle (or handwash) and stuff with paper towels to air dry. Easy on the eyes and easy to clean! Perfect.

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Product was provided by Bobux to facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.


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