The Colored Pencil Factory {Astrograss}

There is a fun children’s music scene around today where there is something for everyone.  A new CD we’re loving is The Colored Pencil Factory by Astrograss, loving a lot.

Astrograss has been around for 9 years, putting out fun mixes of bluegrass, home humor and original songwriting.  The Colored Pencil Factory is a charming album releasing October 16 to the masses.  I happen to have a pretty eclectic music taste, generally choosing music based on talent and not genre.  There is something about bluegrass that makes people feel happy, makes them want to get up and dance.  This is absolutely the case with Astrograss and their new album The Colored Pencil Factory.  My daughter is only 5 but has a pretty vast music love, and this CD quickly rose to the top of her iPod play.

Keeping the music pure, The Colored Pencil Factory was made without the use of any amplifiers, drums, pedals or effects.  The organic album was recorded right in the fiddler’s living room, as if just playing for friends.  Good ol’ fiddlle, mandolin and banjo really liven up any room at first play.  Astrograss, headed up by Jordan Shapiro (who sings, guitars and whistles) is so super fun.  I know I already said “fun” before but it really is the best word to describe this band and the music they put out.  True, growing up with a dad who liked to play bluegrass on weekend mornings makes me impartial to any band inspired and influenced by the likes of Earl Scruggs, but even without the nostalgic feelings I would love this album.

Kid-friendly lyrics set to a backdrop of lively, inspired music makes this CD a must buy.  Kids of all ages will love it.  16 tracks, releases October 16th.


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