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changing bags for modern mum {Pink Lining}

Pink Lining grey bows diaper bagI think with my first child, I became a little jaded with diaper bags.  I started out very traditional and over time kept transitioning farther and farther until I was just dumping everything into a big Chloé bag.  Now I find myself wanting to have it all–a well designed bag that isn’t obnoxious but is clearly a diaper bag.   You have the baby, the stroller, the frazzled no-sleep look on your face–the jig is up.  At the same time, if I get caught out sans baby but with the bag, I want to just look like a hip mom, not a woman who has incredibly bad taste (i.e. quilted polka dot tote with big bows on the straps).

I came across Pink Lining, a British company founded by a husband and wife team, about a year ago and wasn’t able to shake them from my thoughts.  They produce quality diaper bags with super cute designs, embellished with special embroidered touches.  Every collection is whimsical, inspired, and undoubtedly true to the brand.  When I got wind that the brand would be stretching across the pond to the US, I patiently waited (as best I could) for the release.  Finally the sought after Pink Lining changing bags are available in the US!  I chose a bag from the flagship Yummy Mummy collection and am absolutely thrilled with it.

While the look of the exterior is highly important, the bag must be functional as well.  And, as much as I love the designs, I have to say the interior of these changing bags is their best feature.  The first thing you will notice when unzipping the bag is the shocking bright pink lined interior (get it–pink lining?).  It is such a happy color and I find it a great way to add a little color punch to your day. Inside the Yummy Mummy bag, I found pockets lining the sides including: a zip pocket for valuables, 2 large diaper pockets, 2 thermo-insulated bottle pockets, a smartphone pocket, and a pen holder.  The bag comes with a matching thick padded water-proof changing mat and a matching wet bag that clips onto a leash inside.  I was so thrilled to see the wet bag.  There have been so many instances when I have been out and something messy, something icky, or something sticky has happened and I had nothing to put it in but the garbage.  This wet bag is going to really come in handy and I love that it matches just so!  Speaking off storage, the outside of the bag has 3 extra pockets (1 on the front with a snap closure, and 2 on the sides that are cinched to fit bottles).  I was able to totally load up the bag, cloth diapers and all, and I still had enough room left for surprises.  Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 5.5 in

Yummy Mummy Changing Bag in Grey Bows – interior (check out all the storage space) and exterior handles/straps with snap.

diaper bag Pink Lining

Comfort is also key when choosing the right diaper bag.  The Pink Lining changing bags come with durable yet flexible straps that snap together–easily slug over the shoulder or carried as a tote.  There is an optional shoulder strap you can hook on for a longer shoulder carry or an across-the-body carry.  This strap also can be adjusted to fit onto the back of any stroller.  I wore the bag both ways, neither time did it dig into my shoulders like some poorly designed bags have.  The bags are 100% cotton canvas coated with 80% EV laminate, making them super easy to clean.  Most anything will come right off with the swipe of a damp cloth.  While I love the Yummy Mummy style, there are four other choices: Mama et Bebe, Blooming Gorgeous, Queensdale Totes and Dancing on Air Messengers.  Check out all of the styles on the Pink Lining website and follow on Facebook to keep up with new designs and promotions.

Special thanks to Pink Lining for providing a product for review.

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