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We moved out West when my daughter was only two months old to be closer to my family (along with the heat and sunshine), who had all made the same move years earlier. While we moved closer to my immediate family, this meant that we moved away from all our other friends and family. Needless

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I have a new love and it’s name is the PARKWAY SG Booster seat from Britax. No really, I do. We just got back from a trip to Maui and traveling with a car seat is no easy task. Mostly since we had to sleep in a hotel by the

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PottyCover toilet seat cover
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Potty time outside the house is stressful.  Lucky for me, my daughter avoids it like the plague, but there are times when it is unavoidable.  Places like airports, zoos, theme parks, and just all day errand-running will eventually lead to potty breaks.  Even a road trip makes for unsanitary rest

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With the holidays approaching, I can already see the mounting toys that will be added to my daughter’s abundant collection.  No matter how fast I go through her things for donation, she always has more than she needs.  Those items spread across the house, and nothing bothers me more than

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A changing pad is a must-have item for any parent of a baby in diapers. It’s just a fact of life that while you’re out of the house that you’ll have to change diapers. So many of those changing mats in restaurant bathrooms are hard and nasty. I’ve been drooling

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 My daughter would spend hours coloring and doing craft projects if that was an option for her. But I have to admit, I get really bored with the repetition of all the coloring/activity books out there. They’re all pretty much the same. This is how I found Lazoo. Talk about

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We seem to do a lot of road trips in our family. When my daughter was little, I could get away with popping in a movie and she’d be perfectly content for a two hour ride. These days my daughter has lots of questions, wants to draw, gets hungry. You

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Now that my daughter is no longer a baby, and more a kid, she travels a lot more.  Not only does she travel a lot more, but she wants to now bring a lot more.  This knowledge led me to decide that she needed her own luggage.  This is great

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