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Ever since Vivian learned that baby teeth are replaced with grown up teeth she has been fascinated.   Now that many of her peers have lost a tooth or two, the fascination has turned to obsession.    She was planning on losing one on her sixth birthday; although that didn’t

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This house is run by Apple these days.  While my daughter has many interests outside of the iWorld, there is a special place in her heart for Angry Birds Rio.  I can easily justify her time spent in iWorld with a couple dozen learning apps.  In many ways, the iPad has

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I have been eyeing the basket of wooden blocks collecting dust under Ivy’s bed for a while  They are such a great classic toy, but hadn’t seen the light of day in a year at least.   So, I busted them out and got an awesome reaction… blocks had been

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I think I might like playing with this toy just as much as my kids do.  In part because it is made of wood, not plastic, but mostly because of the incredible and adorable detail used in its design.  The passengers are a cute little hippy family dressed in flip

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