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Take advantage of the last blazing sun days of summer with a fun art/science project called Sunprints.   I’m always on the lookout for educational projects to do at home, and this one is super fun.  Using the kit and the beautiful sun, you and your children can design one

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 There is nothing better than a nice chilled soup in the heat of Summer and recently I stumbled across this recipe when I was flicking through an old Bon Appetit. It’s creator Jill Dupleix,  wrote a book called ‘Lighten Up’ which is a must have for lovers of food who are also trying

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I’m already infusing all of my water with herbs and fruits, which led me think, why not vodka as well?  Vodka is a great vessel for flavors, and you don’t have to resort to the syrupy manufactured kind.  I searched around and found a great resource. Simply take a great,

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Easter is quickly approaching, and I know you’re already planning on the festivities (look out Erin, here we come!).   I love Easter and all of it’s wonderful traditions, pastel colors, and historical connections.  Eggs are most certainly a staple for the holiday, and I love what they represent: new life. 

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craftsdecorDIYholidayspringSt. Patrick's Day

Holidays are always a fun time to get creative with your kids.  St. Patrick’s Day is actually one of my favorites, despite its possible not kid-friendly trends.  Counter to what some may think, there is actually a reason behind the alcohol-guzzling tradition that is so commonly attributed to St. Patrick’s

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craftsdecorDIYrecipesspringValentine's Day

I love crafting. It is great to unwind and be creative while in turn beautifying parts of your life. I am always so proud of my results and I think it keeps me well-rounded. My crafting usually revolves around my kids, so I have been searching for different ideas for

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