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Summers are notorious for being a drain on the brain.  Kids often lose quite a bit of knowledge from the previous school year during the summer, so I hope you have been actively keeping those kids learning!  August is here (say what?!) and with it, a new school season.  I’ve

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Thanksgiving has crept up rather quickly this year. Here I was thinking I that I had another two weeks to decide on my Thanksgiving menu but no, the big event is next Thursday – and I haven’t even contemplated how I am going to cook the turkey. Ordinarily I brine

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Thymes Wildwood fragrance candle

For me, the beginning of fall smells like pumpkin spice and apple pie.   Once we turn the bend of October, earthy, woodsy and crispy scents start to creep into my home.  Freshly fallen snow weighing down evergreen branches, a roaring, crackling and hissing fire, endless forests of beautiful barren trees…these

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A couple of years ago when we went to Paris, we stayed in a little apartment in the Marais that sat very near to a host of excellent patisseries. Every afternoon, Mr Man would go out and shop for our afternoon treat, and it quite quickly became a way of life. Needless to

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autumndiningentertainingfrom scratchwinter

  I felt a decidedly cool nip in the air this morning, as I dropped my daughters off at school, and thought I might make something a little more nourishing for dinner than the usual Summer fare we had been living off for the past couple of months. I was not

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Frankenstein kids book

I know Halloween is still a couple months away, but the excitement has already begun in my house.  I am fueling that anticipation with a couple new books featuring one of the most beloved creatures, Frankenstein.  Author Adam Rex has made Frankenstein alive again in a series of original books,

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Buorbon & Maple Pecan Pie

It’s hard to escape a celebration or dinner party in our household without making a Crack Pie – it is Mr Man’s absolute favourite dessert and what he has requested (and is getting) for Thanksgiving. Despite this I still had the urge to do something traditional, I loved the Bourbon

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pumpkin cream cheese muffins
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Mr Pumpkin has finally got the better of me and I am now ‘pumpkinised’. It’s true, for the last couple of weeks I have been avoiding pumpkins with a steely determination. Turning a blind eye to those ‘come hither’ looks they give whenever I glance their way. Shaking off their

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So it’s that time of year again here in Washington–rain! One of the upsides to living in the pacific northwest has to be that we get to wear rainboots all the time. I don’t know about you but rainboots are my favorite type of boots, especially on little feet! A

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Apple Cake
autumndiningentertainingfrom scratchrecipes

One of the many things I love about Autumn are the varieties of apples that become available – so crisp and sweet, it almost seems a shame to cook them. But with the produce section of our market looking like an applepolooza, and despite my desire to eat them in

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