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Anything that comes into my house that can be recycled, gets recycled.  It is a constant weekly thought–is it recycling day, did I put the bin out at the curb?  One can imagine, I have a lot of recycling that piles up over the week.  This means I really need

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It seems like just yesterday, I was able to eat whatever I wanted. Yep, that means cake, donuts, potato chips–highly processed and sugary foods. It’s amazing how invincible we are during our teens and early 20’s. The ironic thing is that almost all of my close friends have discovered over

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So I’ve been at this whole washer and dryer thing for a few months and I have to say that I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. It really did take some time to try and get used to all of the features. Mostly because I was so used to

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DIYeco-friendlyhouseholdkitchenrecycled materials

How brilliant is this? Screw-on plastic dispenser tops from store bought soaps, shampoos and lotions will actually fit on top of glass bottles! Yes, it might take you a little bit to find the right matches, but once you do, you can reuse those glass bottles over and over again. Add

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The women here at ITKM are always on the lookout for ways to remove prepared edibles from our lives.  The evidence against pre-packaged food is mounting, and while many of us have phased out the frozen dinners and salty boxed/canned foods, most overlook the simple staples.  We must be weary

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Garlic Chicken Pinchos

The girls are back at school and I originally thought – yippee!, I am going to have time to clean out some cupboards, go to the gym more frequently, learn how to use a camera properly and dare I say it, take in some New York City sights – maybe

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There is something about these stream-lined glasses that thrills me.  When it comes to drinking vessels, you can’t beat hand-blown glass.  There are a couple pitfalls to glass though: it sweats with cold liquid (condensation) and  heat escapes from hot liquid.  Mimuno has designed a smart, functional, and attractive line

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We love our leftovers in this house. Only problem is that I swear they multiply at night like gremlins. During their multiplying, they must eat and replace the lids with other random ones that do not fit any of them. My storage area is out of control and what’s funny

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A few years ago, fruit smoothies were the item of choice for a quick, healthy breakfast. While I still do enjoy a smoothie, I’ve now fallen victim to the juicing craze. Even in your grocery stores you’ll find refrigerated pressed juices. Talk to any celebrity and they’ll tell you their

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Baby is here…hide the good china!!  With some of the silicone innovations these days, there is less reason the fret.  We’re covering bottles and glasses, so why not bowls as well?  Boon, always on top of innovation, has introduced the Wrap, a cover for adult-sized bowls.  Now your tots can

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