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Home Hacks taught the readers over at ohdeedoh how to make your own solar system. What a great way for your children to learn about the planets in the solar system. Sure, you can open up a book and point to it all. But, kids will always learn more when

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Over the years, our domestic wisdom has deteriorated, growing sparser with each generation.  I find it fascinating to listen to the knowledge of generations long passed.  They seem to have cataloged quite a lot of information, crucial for great house-keeping and cohesive family living.  These days, we don’t find it

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I love to grow herbs, although sometimes I’m not very good at it. Every year, one herb fails miserably from my black thumb. Last year it was cilantro (of course the one I use the most). Did you know that plants such as basil, mint, and oregano are incredibly easy

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My daughter has been a big Yo Gabba Gabba fan for about three years now.  I have to say, it’s one of the better kid’s shows as of late.  The catchy songs always carry a good lesson, the graphics are bright and eye-grabbing, and the characters are loveable.  On top

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