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My daughter is a rock collector. She’s been obsessed with them for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s buying different types/colors from rock stands and such or picking them up from our backyard, school playground or on vacation. She’s fascinated with all of them. She sorts them by

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Team Umizoomi is one of the better shows out there for preschoolers in my opinion.  Not only is it engaging, but it is educational.  While some shows really phone it in, Team Umizoomi utilizes the half hour to work on math skills.  Each episode features an interactive story full of

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I believe the two best things you can do for your children is to one – have them learn to play an instrument and read sheet music, and two – have them learn a second language.  These two activities are proven to have dramatic effects on intellect later in life.

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I  just found one of my favorite children’s books. An Awesome Book that’s written and illustrated by Dallas Clayton is absolutely magical! This book is about dreaming big. It encourages you and your child to dream the impossible, where up is down and cars run on jelly beans instead of gas.

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Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps

As my daughter prepares to enter Kindergarten, I am more aware of my role as a teacher.  During our recent move back to Los Angeles, finding a house in the right school district became a larger focus than I had imagined.  At first I thought, “find a highly rated school

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The Black Book of COlors
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A good friend of mine gave a book to my daughter titled, The Black Book of Colors by Menena Cottin (author) and Rosana Faria (illustrator).  It has to be one of the most unique and special books I have ever seen, and was delighted for my daughter to experience it.

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A few months ago I actually had a moment to myself where I could relax in front of the TV. Trust me, this doesn’t happen very often. Of course, when this moment occurred, there was absolutely nothing on TV. I decided to see if I could learn some tips/tricks from

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My daughter is completely consumed by iPad apps, and I’m sure yours are too.  While the iPad is more of a distraction for me, it is an excellent educational tool for my daughter.  When friends and family asked for gift ideas this Holiday season for my 4, almost 5, year

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My husband and I are huge history buffs and love sharing stories about our country’s early icons with our son. One surprising and simple way to incorporate American history into our daily lives is with clothing! Clothing is a great subject starter and kids love talking about who and what

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With daylight savings time soon ending, it may be easier to get the kiddos in bed earlier, but how do we keep them there with the sun shining so early?  With my schedule, this works out great during the week, as we’re up at the crack of dawn getting ready

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