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educationalkidsschool at home

Whether you choose to join the rising homeschool population or are just looking for supplemental educational resources, there is quite a bit to choose from and this is good news.  Through endless research for my own school-aged daughter I have found a surprisingly large amount of awesome products.  But if

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The Magic School Bus DVD series

There is a certain kind of satisfaction that comes along when your child loves something you did as a child, long, long ago.  For me growing up, The Magic School Bus was one of the best shows going.  Despite being crammed to the gills with science, it was a really

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The first thing that drew me to The Quiet Book was the title.   I’m sure any parent can agree with me, if “quiet” is in the title, that book is going into rotation tonight. Once I took a peek at the illustrations, I knew I wanted everything Deborah Underwood and

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I am always on the lookout for books that will educate my daughter about other cultures. So, when I received Lola’s Fandango by Anna Witte, I was super excited to read it with my daughter. For the past two years our daughter has been taking spanish class and this was the perfect

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safe kids email

These days kids learn to type the same time as they learn to write, and good for them.  I gave my daughter computer access as soon as she recognized letters, using it as a tool for learning to spell.   Once I saw how fast she was picking it up,

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Sometimes tearing your child away from their computers, favorite shows and cool gadgets can be a challenge. My daughter adores doing crafts, but I’ll be the first to admit that it takes time to think of crafts and then run out to the store to find all of the needed

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The Rainforest Grew All Around by Susan K Mitchell is a magnificent story that takes you to the Amazon rainforest where you learn about the delicate life cycle within the jungle. My daughter enjoys how this beautifully written book reads to the song, The Green Grass Grew All Around. Each page is

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alphabet book caspar babypants

There is something so irresistibly classic about an alphabet book.  Simple in theory but can have a profound effect on early literacy — especially if you include unique poetry such as in Augie to Zebra.  We are tired of hearing the old “A is for Apple, B is for Ball”. 

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iphone toddler protector

I suppose it was destined to be the natural progression of the iPod–to become a child’s toy.  With so many IOS devices at our fingertips (and rarely ever leaving them) our children have latched onto the iconic products as well.  My 5 year old knows her way around the iTouch

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Scholastic Storybook Treasurse Chicken Little

We have been big fans of the Scholastic Storybook Treasures for years now.  My daughter absolutely loves being able to read along with the familiar tales, and I am happy knowing my daughter is being entertained and educated all at once.  A relatively new collection to hit the scene is

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